Five Times Jamie Foxx Blew us Away with his Singing Ability

You might have gotten to know him from the movies, or from TV, but one thing you might not have known about Jamie Foxx until later on was that he’s quite an accomplished singer. He can croon a gentle tune or he can bust out a hard-hitting rap single with equal ease. Perhaps the only reason he’s never been entirely famous for his singing is that he’s been such an awesome comic and a phenomenal actor. Despite this however the man can more than hold his own when it comes to his musical talent.

5. Love Won’t Let Me Wait

His voice drives women wild and continually elicits applause from those that listen. In truth he almost has that 1990’s sound that was so well known and just barely carried over into the next millennium. With this piece comes a little comedy as well, which only adds to the allure. From the sounds of the women cheering him on in the background he’s doing something right.

4. Mary, Mary

The words might seem fairly innocuous when being spoken in a nursery rhymes, but when Jamie Foxx gives voice to them they take on a whole new level and possibly a new meaning. His whole premise for this is that he likes to take normal words and make them sound so good that a person could make love to them. Many ladies might find that this is exactly what happens when they hear him busting out each note.

3. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down

The opening to this piece is hauntingly beautiful, and once Jamie’s voice enters it only gets better. Somehow this man makes it possible to listen to most anything sung in his voice, no matter if it’s the preference of the listener or not. That is the mark of a great musician, which is odd considering the Foxx is far more known for his antics on screen. It’s safe to say that he’s come a long way from In Living Color.

2. White House Performance

A lot of times when another artist emulates another it’s called the highest form of flattery, and this lends proof to that statement. Foxx does an absolutely awesome job of belting out President Obama’s dedication to his wife, and even makes it seem uniquely special as he sings it out from one end of the stage to the next. Even just being one part of the group he seems to be the biggest presence on the stage.

1. Slow Jam

The man’s voice is just seductive. There’s no other way to say it. He knows how to talk, knows how to drop his voice, and he knows how to consider each and every note before it passes his lips. It’s still a wonder why he didn’t go in to become a musician rather than a comic and an actor. Of course, if he’d gone entirely towards the music industry we probably would have been wondering why he didn’t go the other way.

From In Living Color to Any Given Sunday to countless other films and shows he’s appeared in, Jamie Foxx has obviously done alright for himself. Still, it was a big surprise to hear that he had this kind of voice when he finally busted it out.


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