Five Underrated Movie Villains We Just Had to Mention

Far be it from a lot of people to really care about the villains in a story since the idea is that villains are the ones that have made the lousy life choices and are usually being rooted for when it comes to their downfall and comeuppance. But there are villains that don’t appear to get the proper respect for being the truly nasty individuals that they are or the fact that they are far more dangerous than they might appear in the movies they’re featured in. Some of them don’t really deserve another look, but there are some among that might actually deserve a little bit of respect, grudging as it might be since they managed to find a way to be a true thorn in the side of the protagonist. It’s either that or they had potential that was utterly wasted in the movies that they were featured in, as the director might have been using them for a purpose that had little to do with their potential, which is a shame, since giving a protagonist a truly diabolical antagonist to work against sometimes makes for a much better movie. But then, if a person really wants to make a movie in this manner then it might be a good idea to at least try to make their own short film just to see if they can actually bring their idea to life.

It’s not a bad thought really. With that, here are a few very underrated villains from the movies.

5. Mr. Joshua – Lethal Weapon

Some folks might say that mercenaries are a dime a dozen, but to be certain, mercenaries don’t generally get a lot of work if they’re not good at what they do, which means Mr. Joshua was one of the most skilled at his job since he was in charge of those that were in the employ of his boss. Obviously, Riggs was better than he was when it came to an all-around street fight, but a person can’t really discredit Joshua since he went full steam on Riggs and took the guy to the limit in a very big way. But in a war game, it feels as though Riggs might still win, but Joshua might have a better chance at doing some serious damage.

4. Mad Dog – The Raid

Just watch the fight that Mad Dog engages in between the two protagonists in this movie and then try to say that he’s not being dissed and dismissed after being given such a tough role. The fight sequence was amazing, to be honest, but the fact that this is kind of a sendoff to the character is hard to get past since Mad Dog could have been a continuing character that might have been a serious thorn in the side of the main protagonist. But the way it was built up does make it kind of hard to say that anything else should have happened. It still would have been great if he could have been kept around.

3. Caledon Hockley – Titanic

There’s no getting around it, and no theory that says otherwise is going to convince people that Cal is anything other than a Class-A jerk since not only did he look at Rose as more of a possession and Jack as not worth his time, but actually proved his cowardice when he plucked up a child and made his way to a lifeboat. One might think that he might have changed his ways before committing suicide, as Rose said, but it’s also likely that the first whiff of power would have had him reverting right back to form. Folks such as Cal can get hit just as hard by life as anyone, but their character is usually shown when things are really bad.

2. Percy Wetmore – The Green Mile

People might wonder how a little guy can be the bully in any situation, but usually come down to who has the authority and who doesn’t, and putting a badge on a guy like Percy and giving him a weapon is a seriously bad idea since it tends to give the little guy a sense of power that he really doesn’t have. Percy’s downfall was that he was too impulsive and didn’t pick his spots a little more carefully, since otherwise, he could have been a real terror that Paul and the other guards wouldn’t have known what to do with. The worst bullies are usually the ones that try to exercise the power they don’t have.

1. Sabretooth/Victor Creed – X-Men

This villain became severely underrated in the movies since in the comics, Sabretooth and Wolverine had some serious down and dirty scraps that ended up being a huge up for both characters since they could go full-tilt at each other without worrying about any permanent damage since their healing factors would continually kick in. In the history of the comics, this is one villain that should have been handled a little differently.

Some villains just don’t get enough respect.

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