Five X-Men Villains We Need to See Debut in The MCU

Who else is excited to see some X-Men villains debut in the MCU? The Fox-produced X-Men movies served us well with Ian McKellen’s Magneto, but he’s probably the only memorable villain from the franchise. Now that the X-Men are set to make their debut in the MCU, it’s time for some new villains to join them. Now I’m not talking about just Magneto or even the Sentinels, because we’ve seen them already. I want some fresh faces we haven’t seen before to finally make their first on-screen appearance. Fox couldn’t get them on in time, so now it’s up to Disney and Marvel to fulfill our wishes of seeing more X-Men villains in the movies. That means no Magneto, William Stryker, Sabretooth, or even Mystique. They’ll probably appear, and that’s great, but why see the same faces?

Buckle up, bubs, because it’s time to go over the five X-Men villains we need to see debut in the MCU. Can I get some of that 90’s cartoon theme music, please?

5. Silver Samurai

Yes, Silver Samurai was technically in The Wolverine, but he really wasn’t Silver Samurai. For some reason, the Silver Samurai and Kenuichio Harada were two separate entities. This was an odd move, but the worst came when the Silver Samurai armor was shown. It didn’t at all look like the Silver Samurai, but a transformer from Michael Bay’s movies. Oh, and some old guy not from the comics was wearing it in order to steal Logan’s healing abilities. Kenuichio Harada was just some ninja working for the old man, but was later killed by him when he tried to help Logan.

I really didn’t consider that giant robot to be Silver Samurai, which is why we need a proper version of him in the MCU. Yes, he’s more of an enemy to Wolverine than the rest of the X-Men, but he’s tangled with more X-Men before. We need a faithful comic version of Silver Samurai to cross blades with Wolverine in the MCU. That means no transformers-like armor and actually have Harada be the Silver Samurai. Just simply have him be more human like his comic counterpart, and we’ll be interested.

4. The Brood

Ever wonder what the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise be like in the MCU? Marvel’s answer to them is The Brood, an alien race of insectoid creatures. The resemble large and nasty bugs with a knack for implanting their eggs in an unwilling host. Yeah, that sounds gross, but also very similar to Xenomorphs. On top of that, they have a hive mentality and mindlessly follow the Brood queen. Oh yeah, these things are definitely the Aliens of the MCU. Their one and only goal is too seek out and infect other races. This eventually led to conflict with heroes like Captain Marvel and, of course, the X-Men.

The MCU has expanded its universe to the stars and showed all kinds of alien races. Some were nice and others weren’t, but we have yet to have seen the Brood. Introducing them would raise the stakes in the MCU and would force some Earth-bounded heroes to travel into outer space. The Brood are like a plague and spread like wildfire, so the X-Men would have to go off Earth to stop them before they even get close. Maybe they can even team up with Captain Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy?

3. Deathbird

Speaking of space, the X-Men have often left Earth to fight hostile aliens. One of their most recurring foes is the Shi’ar Empire, one of the most prominent alien races in Marvel. The MCU has introduced the Kree and the Skrull, and now they need the Shi’ar. The X-Men have contended with their Imperial Guard (and lost), but they have an on and off ally with their Empress, Lilandra. That’s probably because she and Professor X have some romantic feelings for each other, but yeah, that’s one relationship that’s just made to break apart. Their complicated relationship made things tough for both sides, but things go from bad to worse when Lilandra’s sister, Deathbird, gets involved. She the evil, jealous sibling who just wants what the other sibling has, but Deathbird ups the ante by attempting to usurp her throne and leading the Shi’ar Empire into a force of conquest.

Introducing the Shi’ar into the MCU is essential, adding Deathbird into the mix would raise the stakes. She’s another intergalactic villain with a hostile alien army at her back and just might have the M’Kraan crystal with her. She can wage war with the Kree and stir up a lot of trouble in the galaxy, prompting the X-Men and probably other heroes to pursue her. X-Men in space? Heck yeah.

2. Mojo

We’ve seen superheroes battle with evil, grotesque aliens before, but how many of those aliens force the heroes to fight in televised gladiator-like matches for the sake of improving ratings? That’s where Mojo comes in. He’s ugly, he’s loud, and he needs highly advanced technology just to move. He’s a slaver who rules the Mojoverse, and entertains his subjects by broadcasting gladiator television programs. He needed ratings, discovered the X-Men, and found his new hit show. Mojo was meant to be a parody of network executives in the form of an obese alien. His realm was referenced by Shatterstar in Deadpool 2, which got me excited. If he was referenced once before in the movies, then his official on-screen debut is inevitable. He’ll be a perfect blend of manipulator, evil ruler, and surprisingly comedic villain the MCU can work with.

1. Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister is the X-Men villain I can’t believe hasn’t been in the movies already. He was briefly teased in the post-credits scene in X-Men:Apocalypse, when his employees extracted some of Wolverine’s DNA. This pretty much guaranteed his on-screen debut in future films, but unfortunately, that never happened. Nathaniel Essex, or Mister Sinister (a bit corny, but it fits) was once a scientist who lived in the nineteenth century and was obsessed with genetics and evolution. Essex became increasingly interested in mutation and aspired to perfect the evolution of human mutation. His pursuit of this objective has led to some bloody conflict with the X-Men, especially with that of Cyclops. Mister Sinister is so obsessed with the Summers bloodline, that he created the clone, Madelyne Pryor, so she could breed with Cyclops. His time-traveling futuristic soldier son, Nathaniel Summers, or Cable, was born.

Yeah, he’s very much responsible for Cable’s creation. Mister Sinister has one of the coolest bad guy looks ever and he certainly lives up to his name. He’s an enemy to both humans and mutants, but it’s his relentless pursuit of perfecting mutation that makes him dangerous. Unlike Magneto, he doesn’t wish to free mutants, but to alter the mutant gene so he can control it. You know a villain is bad when Professor X and Magneto have to join forces so they have a chance to even fight back.

Final Thoughts:

Oh boy, I get more anxious to see the X-Men in the MCU as I talk about it. The amount of villains they can bring to the MCU will expand the boundaries of that universe from the outlandish space despots, to the downright weird. Magneto is by far the X-Men’s biggest bad, but they have plenty of other villains to contend with. Where Fox didn’t have time to deliver, Disney and Marvel can give us what we’re asking for.

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