FlashForward Creators to Commune With Fans Online

flash-forwardLOST spawned one of the most successful online message boards, TheFuselage.com, largely on the strength of a dedicated team of organization minded moderators and the notable presence of the show’s creators and cast. The same team is taking on the launch of a similar project for ABC’s FlashForward. Www.redpandaresources.com was announced today at Comic Con 2009, as well as in a blog post by producer David Goyer on the LATimes.

The site will be a comprehensive resource for FlashForward fans looking to discuss the show, catch up on the latest news, and share theories about the mysterious happenings within the FlashForward universe. Like TheFuselage, RedPandaResources has forums where visitors can pose questions directly to the creators and cast.

I asked Hijinx, Co-Admin of RedPandaResources, how much of the cast and crew had signed on so far. “David Goyer is very committed to participating on the site. He was the one who pursued having a site like The Fuselage for FlashForward and he is very excited about it (as witnessed by his mentioning it at Comic Con and in a blog post that he made today on an L.A. Times blog). Marc Guggenheim, another executive producer and writer for the show, has also committed to participating on the site. They are going to encourage other members of the creative team and some of the actors to participate as well – but there is no way to tell at this point who all will decide to participate.”

The board is now open for registration, visit it at www.redpandaresources.com.


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