Forging the King’s Spirit Spear From The Seven Deadly Sins in Real Life

This definitely feels like an underappreciated art since there isn’t as much demand for it these days as far as armament goes, considering that we live in an era where the spear, the sword, and the more archaic weapons are no longer as much use to those that might learn how to utilize them in battle. But the craft is still insanely impressive since it takes a good deal of practice and skill to make these weapons. There is still a practical use for most weaponry that is battle-ready, but quite often conventional weapons and firearms are a little more practical since they’re both easier to carry and not quite as prone to weighing a person down. People have to remember that a lot of the weapons made on this show are pretty heavy, despite the fact that they’ve been cut, ground down, and had a lot of material removed, these are still heavy weapons that were at one time meant to do a lot of damage, and the guys that make these weapons do their best to make them as realistic as they can get them, meaning that they’re heavy, they’re solid, and these weapons can do an incredible amount of damage.

The King’s Spirit Spear from The Seven Deadly Sins is a hefty piece of equipment, even if it can be twirled and flung about in the show. There’s a big difference between animation and reality after all and it’s called weight. If anyone has ever handled a light spear then they’ll know that such weapons typically don’t weigh that much if they’re made from wood with metal fittings. This thing is being made of metal and brass, which are far heavier in every way and are bound to be much harder to swing and manipulate. But it looks awesome, it performs as they likely expected it to, and was definitely impressive. But if anyone is thinking that they would be flinging this spear around as though it weighed next to nothing, they’d be in for a serious surprise since this spear would likely be something that might be used by heavy cavalry, footmen, or a warrior of great renown that has many years of training and knows exactly how to use it. Other than that, this is a very impractical weapon since it doesn’t really take into account the fact that a person would be exhausted after swinging it a few times. Plus, while it might be able to penetrate lighter armor, it’s possible that it wouldn’t be able to do much against heavier armor unless it was given a direct strike. That’s the thing with heavy weapons, they’re usually pretty effective if they have enough force behind them, or a strong enough wielder swinging them, but if that’s not the case then they can be as tough as anything ever forged, but otherwise, they become useless.

There have been debates concerning heavier weapons and lighter weapons in the past when it comes to anything handheld and non-firearm related, and it really depends on a few factors as to what’s more effective. Obviously a weapon can’t be too small or it runs the risk of not being able to extend a person’s reach or allow them to do much damage to their opponent. A common knife is useful in the hands of a trained fighter, as all it takes to end a person’s life is a few inches of steel, but without the proper training, the size of the weapon doesn’t matter. The problem with big, heavy weapons is that unless one has the strength AND the skill, then they too become useless since they take too much time to swing, can exhaust the wielder too quickly, and are cumbersome to carry for more than a short distance. They look cool though, much as this spear does, and the intimidation factor is definitely there. The only problem is that once that intimidation factor is gone there’s not much left other than the idea of whether the spear’s owner can use it effectively or not. If the answer is yes then the intimidation factor might still be an issue.

Just watching these weapons being created is impressive and kind of cathartic in a way since it establishes that the old ways aren’t quite dead yet and that some folks still value a finely-crafted weapon. These guys have made so many different weapons at this point that it’s obviously second nature when it comes to getting on the forge and going to work. Some of the blades and weapons have been so intricate that they might as well have been used in the movies, but it’s more likely they wouldn’t simply because these guys actually make deadly weapons and most movie props are unsharpened and not all that dangerous. How boring. Safe of course, but boring.

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