The Fosters Review: Was the Family Safe in Their Own Home?

The Fosters

After last week’s terrifying hour, The Fosters come home thinking that they are somewhat safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. For the next 24 hours the Foster family goes into a self-imposed lockdown wherein they each deal with some emotional uncertainties in their lives, leading up the inevitable confrontation Mariana finds herself in. To quote a wise Jude, “why do bad things keep happening?”. More importantly pointed out in the hour, how do you answer a question which has no answer?

Following the lockdown the Fosters come home to what they think is a safe environment. Nevertheless everyone is on edge, and Stef and Lena don’t want to take any chances. Everyone is on a technology ban until further notice, or until Nick is found, and a squad car is posted outside the house. The moms are terrified that in Nick’s unstable state he might try to get to Mariana. Given that he hides in The Foster’s garage when they get home, they’re not that far off.

The revelation of Brandon and Callie’s relationship is put on hold for the time being, at least as far as Moms are concerned. Justine locks every member of the Foster’s family out of the Fost & Found website so that no one can defend Callie against the (true) accusations against her. Mariana believes it’s all a disgusting publicity stunt, while Aaron knows better. He apologizes to Callie regarding her right to her past, but even he knows when the dust settles there are going to be major repercussions. Callie tells Brandon she is scared that her adoption could be reversed. When Stef finds them together, Mariana realizes that the gossip is actually true. What’s done is done, there’s nothing they can do to change what happened. What they do end up doing is hacking Justina’s Fost & Found account to post proof that she was indirectly involved in Jack’s death.

Stef and Lena don’t know what to do, but their trust in their children is broken. Stef has a huge blowup with Brandon over the whole situation. He takes full responsibility for the mistake he made, but he chooses to prove his adulthood by staying with Courtney in her new home (which no one knows he helped pay for).

Jude has what he takes to be a dream in which Jack is trying to communicate with him. Jack died without a home, all alone. The dream really does point Jude in a specific direction. When he wants to visit Jack’s grave for closure, he finds out instead that Jack was cremated and his ashes were never claimed. So Jude claims Jack and buries him with baby Frankie’s tree in the backyard, fittingly telling Jack “Now you have a home”.

Nick makes his way to different parts of the house hiding from the family, particularly a very vigilant Stef. Eventually he does find his way to Mariana. He first pulls the gun on her, and then on himself. Nick isn’t a killer. He’s a scared, emotionally scarred kid who was left access to a gun. Mariana talks Nick down so that he relinquishes the gun and Stef can step in. Mariana doesn’t seem angry at Nick, just sad. It’s hard to hate a boy who never hurt anyone but will continue to punish himself.

After the events of the week, where do Mariana, Brandon, and Callie go from here?

The Fosters Season 4 Episode 2 Review: "Safe"


The Fosters face emotional and physical uncertainty within their own home.

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