Friends: Our Five Favorite Rachel Green Moments

Friends continues to gain a new fan base as younger generations stream the series on Netflix. When the show premiered in 1994, Jennifer Aniston was virtually an unknown. After playing lovable Rachel Green for 10 seasons on the NBC sitcom, she is now a household name. Here our are favorite Rachel Green moments from Friends.

5. She Got Off the Plane

Friends really was able to give us a happy ending after 10 seasons on the air. Rachel and Ross had been the on-again, off-again couple of the decade. When Phoebe drove Ross to the airport to confess his love, he thought for sure Rachel wouldn’t get on the plane, but she did. Thankfully when Ross got back to the apartment, Rachel showed up minutes later to rekindle their romance.

4. She Doesn’t Interview That Well

There are two moments on Friends that show how bad Rachel is at interviews. The first came in season five when she has her interview with Mr. Zelner at Ralph Lauren. She thinks he is trying to kiss her when he opens the door for her and then again when she has ink on her cheek. In the finale season, she has an interview at Gucci. During the lunch meeting she finds out Mr. Zelner is behind her and pretends she is on a date. Sadly, she doesn’t get the new job and is fired from the other one.

3. She Kissed Winona Ryder

In season seven of Friends, Rachel made the startling announcement that she made out with her friend Melissa in college. Phoebe doesn’t believe her, so Rachel invites her to dinner where Melissa denies the kiss ever happening. At the end of the night, Rachel kisses Melissa who confesses her love to our favorite friend. Phoebe wants to get in on all the fun too and gives Rachel a quick smooch.

2. She’s a Fun Drunk

The gang decides to head to Vegas at the end of Season 5 of Friends. Ross and Rachel venture out a day later than the gang and play several pranks on one another including Ross drawing a mustache on Rachel. She ends up refusing to go out on the town so the two get drunk in their hotel room. This causes the two to get married in the shocking finale.

1. She has a Sweet Tooth

Friends fans know that Rachel has a sweet tooth. After all, she did make a delicious trifle at Thanksgiving. In season seven, Rachel and Chandler bond over cheesecake. The duo finds several boxes of the dessert in the hallway and steal them from Mrs. Braverman. The final cheesecake ends up on the floor and the two end up eating it with Joey, who just happens to have a fork on him.

What is your favorite Rachel Green moment on Friends? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo by: NBC

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