Fun Cover of the Overworld Theme from Super Mario Bros 3

How many of us realized how sedate the music for Super Mario Bros. 3 really was? This cover is even more so since just typing this article while listening to the music has me nodding off. But in a big way it’s pleasant since it’s nice and easy to listen to, and really it’s kind of nice given that it’s not too challenging and it’s very soothing as well. In a way that’s not exactly what you want in a video game since you definitely want something that gets you into it and keeps you moving and actually WANTING to move, but again, it’s impressive when people take up an interest in something like this. It indicates that they like what they hear but want to try out something a bit different that, to their ear, might sound a little better or just different enough that it might be worth the effort. For a while when video games first came out, y’know, back in the day and all, the music wasn’t really a huge factor since it was easy enough to produce and was something that gave the game a little more depth. As of now though there are actual soundtracks to games and a lot of games are using professional singers and actors to make it even better.

For those of us that don’t get into this and simply accept the music that is played on the game it’s kind of hard to sit and really listen and think ‘hm, I can do something similar but better’ since we might not have the ear for music that some folks do. But that’s what makes people that do this kind of thing special in a way, they can hear it, they can think about it, and then they can come up with something that sounds this nice without much trouble at all. The themes for Super Mario Bros. have been exceedingly simple for a long time and have only changed as much as they needed to over the years in accordance with the wishes of those in charge. But when you look at it Mario has changed a lot, but the music is still somewhat simple compared to a lot of games, ad by Super Mario Bros. 3 things hadn’t really changed all that much. The game certainly got a lot crazier but overall the music was still simple and still bound to be less challenging than remembering what every item did and how to navigate through the game.

Over the years the Mario Bros. games have become increasingly complex while a few of them have remained fairly simple. There are still those of us that can remember when one couldn’t tell Mario and Luigi apart aside from the color of their coveralls. These days though it’s pretty easy since the characters have been so developed and have been given their own identities in such a big way that it’s hard to confuse them any longer. The world of Mario has expanded in a big way, but the music is still kept pretty light and friendly since after all it is a kids’ game that a lot of people enjoy and despite the overall nature of it, stomping on goomba’s and knocking turtles out of their shells and all, people enjoy it. Wendy Reed of Mix95.7 has another take on this subject. If you take too much of an adult glance at Super Mario Bros. then you might realize it’s kind of a disturbing game about a plumber upsetting what might be the natural order of a kingdom or at the very least being a huge disruption to something that could get along fine without him. But if you decide to just play the game and have fun with it things are so much more simple. The music is kind of odd in a way since it doesn’t really convey a sense of urgency, just a sense of being laid back, taking things easy, and having an overall good time.

For as long as Mario has been around one might think that they would change up the music a little more, perhaps bring in a feeling of urgency to the game that might make it a little more exciting, but then again it might change things in a way that wouldn’t be entirely acceptable. Changing the game too much might ruin it in other words and create something that fans can’t really recognize. In that case things are fine just the way they are, and when you consider that no one has really ever complained about the music it’s fair to say that it’s been accepted as a great background to a game that was at one time one of the hottest that Nintendo had. For some of us it was kind of confusing but for a lot of gamers it was something that offered a good deal of entertainment.

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