The History and Awesomeness of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series

It all started in 1998. It’s a marathon with bands playing along the course, and finish line concerts featuring the worlds’ best music names. Lady Antebellum, Goo Goo Dolls, Flo-Rida, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Train, Pitbull, and All-American Rejects have played in the past. Pat Benatar, Fitz & the Tantrums, and The Wallflowers are in the mix this year, too. Runners also get to run for their selected charities. Runners in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series have poured out their hearts and souls to raise more than $310 million dollars for charities so far.

What began as a simple marathon as transformed into an entire series of them. Runners find an event and sign up for a Tour Pass. The 2018 series promises music every mile mark; with music to keep it going, with live bands, drum lines, DJ’s and much more to celebrate each milestone. There are plenty of aid stations and extra fuel provided along each course, and runners are there to support the course runners. Maps are provided for family and friends, so they can catch their runners in the best spots along each course, and plenty of inspirational signs help everyone get the most out of each and every race day. Even better, a wide range of ages participate as runners.

The series will begin in Arizona on January 12 with a flat, fast course winding through Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe. There are varied distances for all levels of runners. Then, the next races in the series take place in March in New Orleans, Washington DC, Dallas, and Carlsbad, CA running along the Pacific Ocean. The Carlsbad 5000 will be the 32nd year of the fastest 5K in the World. It offers free craft beer at the finish line and a fabulous headliner concert after the race.

The series doesn’t end in Carlsbad, however. The next races begin in April in San Francisco, Raleigh, Madrid, Nashville, and Oaxaca. Then May and June, it’s off to Liverpool, San Diego, and Seattle. Races continue through the year in Chicago, Dublin, Virginia Beach, Philadelphia, Montréal, San Jose, Lisbon, Denver, Los Angeles, Savannah, Merida, Las Vegas, San Antonio, and Chengdu. Competitors can literally run the world. Runners can schedule their races to coincide with vacation travel. Others simply stack races; and then, they can compete more often.

Runners can train throughout the year using curated rock & roll playlists. The playlists are customized by BPM and updated and added to on Spotify. Music is part of the DNA for this program, and it’s included at every opportunity Registration begins with purchasing a Tour Pass. These come in a 3-Pack for $229 USD, and a 10-Pack for $645 USD. There’s a one time only processing fee for each pass, but runners get to choose the 2018 Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour stops they prefer. Once the Tour Pass is purchased it is valid for a single calendar year, and an email is sent to give the purchaser a unique code. Then, the code is used to register for the events selected. Runners receive medals for each race run.

There are also specialty races offered throughout the year which are separate from the TourPass events. The Remix Challenge is a one weekend event with two days of running. Medals for this event are made in the shape of a guitar and decorated with colorful designs (how cool is that?).

Global races come with support for travel, hotels, packing and transportation. All these extras are even more reasons for dedicated runners to check out the series. With the extra chance to donate to charity, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series combines the best of running, giving, and enjoying great music.

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