10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gabriel DropOut

Are you familiar with Gabriel DropOut? If you are not, you really are missing out on something that’s quite entertaining. If you’re a big fan of Japanese manga or you like anime adaptations, you might want to check this one out. In reality, you probably want to check it out even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of these things because the story itself is interesting enough to draw you in. Who knows, it just might make you become an anime fan by the time it’s all said and done. If you want to know more about it first, you can read 10 things about it right here in this article.

1. It’s meant to be funny

By its very nature, there’s not a lot of Japanese anime that’s meant to be funny. They just have a tendency to be a little bit more serious then some individuals so most of the manga and anime projects that are released have a very serious undertone. This one certainly has its serious moments but it also has some that will have you rolling in the floor laughing.

2. It also involves elements of the Supernatural

The story also involves a number of elements related to the Supernatural. As a matter of fact, the entire plot of the story is based on the Supernatural but it would be a mistake to tell you all of that information right here and now, as the plot is discussed in a later paragraph.

3. There are currently six volumes

Right now, there’s a decent amount of material to base additional projects off of. There are six volumes of written material and while that is less than a lot of other Japanese manga, it’s still ongoing, so you can expect that to continue to grow.

4. It started in 2013

This is a project that hasn’t really been around all that long. The manga just started in 2013 so those six volumes have accumulated fairly quickly. Many titles take a lot longer to release the same amount of material so this is a good sign for fans of this particular project.

5. It’s still popular today

This is a project that was popular the day it was released and it is still popular today. If anything, its popularity has increased by leaps and bounds. That’s saying a lot because a lot of people have a tendency to be interested in something when it’s new and then over time, that interest wanes. That really hasn’t been the case here.

6. The plot is interesting, to say the least

As previously mentioned, more will be discussed about the plot right here. It’s about a group of angels that attend school in Heaven, what you might think of as elementary school. They learn how to be angels. However, in order to finish their training, they must come to Earth and learn how to work one-on-one with people. This is their form of high school. This is what the plot centers around, as the main character was at the head of her class in Heaven and now she has to make adjustments as she begins working with people on Earth.

7. You might also consider it a cautionary tale

Of course, some of those adjustments are harder than others. You could consider the story a cautionary tale because almost the minute that she gets to Earth, she gets distracted by video games, of all things. Instead of doing her job and working with people to help guide them and have a positive impact on their lives, she’s constantly locked up in a room by herself playing video games. She’s putting everything that she’s ever worked for at risk and much of the story centers around her own struggles.

8. An anime series has been released

It’s not at all uncommon for an anime series to be released when a story is popular enough to warrant it. In this particular case, one has been released that consisted of about 12 episodes. There are also two separate original video animations that are related to the title.

9. This title continues to grow in popularity

As previously mentioned, this is a title that continues to get more popular over time. That’s good news considering the fact that the manga is still being produced. In reality, it seems like the sky’s the limit with this title.

10. It’s likely that more projects will be released in the future

Because of its popularity, there’s every chance that additional projects will be released in the future. They might consist of a movie or another season of the anime series. While nothing is really set in stone at this point in time, there’s no reason that there wouldn’t be additional projects on their way when you consider the popularity of the title itself.

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