The Game 4.09 “A Very Special Episode” Review

Tonight’s episode of The Game spent way too much time on things that Melanie Barnett-Davis shouldn’t be worrying about and not enough time on the “Fatal Attraction” scenario Malik has inadvertently gotten himself into. Who would’ve known Parker was a card carrying member of the Psychotic Social Club after warning Malik of his downward spiral? It’s kind of left field in some respects, but Parker has always looked as if something was ‘missing’ from her if you catch my drift. The saddest thing about this storyline is that Malik is on the right path of redemption and seemed to have matured overnight into the man he was destined to be, with a beautiful woman in Jenna. The fact that Malik showed emotion (teared up) when he came home to Jenna just shows how much this man has grown. Let’s hope that Parker gets what’s coming to her and then some in abundance.

What can I say about Melanie’s storyline except “What The Hell…?”

Melanie is worried about keeping her love life interesting with Derwin, so she resorts to a threesome? Melanie, where is your head at? All season long, Mrs. Derwin Davis has been letting the Sunbeams control her thought process and it’s quickly becoming an annoying trait and needs a reboot ASAP. The thought of Melanie as Sunbeams President was an intriguing one at first given how Melanie has always had something to say about the Sunbeams’ practices and attitude towards life, which would’ve served for great conflict down the line. Instead, the only conflict I’m experiencing is whether or not to hire a lady to go slap the hell out of Melanie and tell her to wake up and smell the ignorance around her, because its sickening.

Not much happened tonight in terms of overall story except the Parker Goes Nuts bit, but hopefully something will pick up since we have four episodes left before this Game is over and goes into off season. Are you guys satisfied with tonight’s episode or do you have a bone to pick instead?


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