10 Predictions We’re Making about Game of Thrones Season 8

Brace yourselves, Season 8 predictions are coming. Well, to be honest they’ve already started and everyone is chiming in as the rumor mills continue to operate at full tilt and fans can’t help but salivate at the chance to see the final showdown(s) that are hopefully to come. The contestants have all been set and there’s not a lot of doubt about which side each of the major players are going to land on, since Jon and Dany have already, ahem, consummated their alliance. Yes it’s disturbing when you begin to realize Jon’s lineage, but even more disturbing is that Cersei is pregnant once more and that Jamie might very well be the one that spells her doom in the coming season. Also on top of that is the reaction that some of the GoT cast members have already let slip as several of them have become quite emotional about it. So who’s going to be the last person standing at the end? It’s going to be an epic thrill ride that even non-fans might have to get in on eventually.

Maybe? In any case here are ten predictions we’re making for the upcoming season 8 of Game of Thrones.

10. The Night King’s army will continue to grow.

The people of Westeros don’t burn their dead remember, which mean that the Night King and his White Walkers will be able to recruit more and more bodies as they move south. Think of what might happen when they come upon Winterfell, the defenders of the keep will have to fight enemies from without and within at the same time.

9. Viserion and Drogon will clash in an epic aerial battle.

This is one of the most highly anticipated battles to come during season 8 because of Viserion’s death in season 7 and his subsequent return as the Night King’s mount. His fire is now hot enough and forceful enough to take down the Wall, so it stands to reason that he will be tough enough to take on Drogon in a very serious winner-take-all fight. And since Viserion is beyond feeling pain he might have a definite edge. But don’t count Drogon out so quickly.

7. Jon will become a dragonrider.

In order to command the forces along with Daenerys, Jon will have to take to riding Rhaegal, as he is the only other dragon and it will behoove Jon to follow the queen into battle astride a similarly powerful mount. Somehow though it doesn’t seem as though Rhaegal is meant to last through to the end. Though Jon very well might.

6. Cersei’s baby doesn’t stand a chance of surviving.

This seems rather evil to say being that the woman has lost three children and two brothers in one way or another, but she is at this point a hardened shell of a woman that is barely holding things together as it is. Even if she does survive, her child will not, as it doesn’t seem as though Cersei is really meant to come out on top by the end of season 8. Her power and her regal bearing have diminished greatly with each passing season, until now she’s little more than a despot with a crown and little else.

5. Daenerys will become pregnant.

So yes Dany was supposed to be infertile, but stranger things have happened on this show frequently and what should have never been came to be. I mean come on, three dragons sprang out of three eggs that were supposed to be inert. So the theory that Dany could get pregnant is just another reveal that shouldn’t shock anyone. Plus, maybe it means the Targaryen bloodline is stronger than people think. Yeah, I know, creepy.

4. Jamie will fulfill the final part of the prophecy.

Keep in mind that the prophecy that was given to Cersei has almost been fulfilled and there’s really only one thing left to happen. She has yet to be killed by the valonqar, which could be Jamie or Tyrion really. Many fans might want to see Tyrion deal with his spiteful sister finally, but it seems more likely that Jamie might be the man to do the job since he and Cersei were on the outs in the last season.

3. Arya Stark will have an epic death.

Some want to see Arya Stark die because they believe her story arc has reached a peak, while others want her to live because she has become one of the most intriguing characters of the show. Some however feel that she will reunite with Nymeria, her dire wolf, and the wolf pack to share an epic and final death that will immortalize them both.

2. The Clegane Bowl will definitely happen.

The Hound and the Mountain simply have to fight, and it’s going to come down to an all out brawl since the Mountain is an undead monstrosity and the Hound is an absolute animal when he’s fully unleashed. The one thing that will have to happen however is that the Hound will have to get over his fear of fire if he’s going to have any chance of defeating his brother.

1. It will be revealed that Sam is the narrator of this story.

Many upon many people are hinting at this one and looking for it to be true when all is said and done. Whether it will be the case or not is uncertain, but it would explain why Sam went to the Citadel and it would certainly be a nice ending. Though when has the author of the story ever seemed to care about nice endings? That’s why the trick to this is that the show finally fell into the hands of the writers and director.

It’s going to be an epic season, now if only we could hurry up and get there.

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