Game of Thrones: 10 Things You Didn’t Know about White Walkers

You would think looking at them you would know enough that they are simply evil incarnate and their wights are little better than foot soldiers. You’d be right on both points of course but there is still more to the White Walkers than just that. They are more than just an powerful group of warriors looking to overtake Westeros. In truth the White Walkers are about as complicated as anyone.

Here are a few things that you probably didn’t know about them unless you’re a diehard GoT fan.

10. They can laugh.

This is much more noticeable in the book but when the story begins three men of the Night’s Watch are investigating a wildling outpost and come across the White Walkers. It is said that as they battle the Night’s Watch the Walkers are laughing at them. Creepy.

9. In the books they are the Others.

The wildlings were the ones that initially called the White Walkers by the name we know them by now, while the rest of Westeros called them the Others.

8. One of their original targets was going to be Catelyn Stark.

This would have come about thanks to the fact that the story was going to take a very different tact before it was changed. It involves Catelyn, Arya, and Bran escaping King’s Landing and making their way to Castle Black and then to the wildlings camp. Arya and Bran would escape, but the White Walkers would kill Catelyn.

7. In the show they have their own language.

Their language is called Skroth, and it’s supposed to sound like ice breaking when they speak. The problem is we haven’t heard them say anything yet. Maybe they’ll break their silence for the finale.

6. Walkers could exist in other parts of the world.

This brings up the rest of the map that we don’t commonly see in the show, including a land called Yi Ti. Apparently the country has their own version of the Wall to guard against the Lions of the Night. Coincidence?

5. They seem to be mostly nocturnal.

I say mostly because a few times they have been seen during the day. But they mostly seem to travel in dim light or at night.

4. Their design in the first season was different.

There was no telling how popular Game of Thrones was going to get so there wasn’t a lot of effort put into the White Walkers. By the time Sam sees one up close it was decided that they would need to be further developed.

3. They have their own god.

The White Walkers worship the Great Other, a deity that is believed to be capable of bringing a great, lasting darkness. He is the reason Melisandre urged Stannis to visit the Wall.

2. In the story they were said to have spider mounts.

Since there’s been no development or even hint at this it’s safe to say we won’t see them. But it would have been extremely creepy.

1. There was reportedly a female White Walker in ancient times in the story.

At one point there was a Night’s King, and a Night’s Queen that ruled upon the Wall. It’s believed that she was slain by Ice, the sword of the Starks.

See? And you thought the White Walkers were creepy enough.


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