If Game of Thrones Characters Were in The Godfather

With each new round of Game of Thrones character representations that comes out I’m smirking with great pleasure as I prepare the write ups that are so much fun. Each fan that brings these images to life is obviously highly imaginative and has picked out only the best among the show that they think are worthy of such representation. Personally I might have added a couple more in but overall I think that Vlad made some very good choices. It’s definitely fun to see just how they might look in the world of the Godfather, and what kind of attitudes they would take on.

Daenerys, Queen of the Streets

The king is dead, hail to the queen. She’s back in town to take over what’s rightfully hers and is coming fully loaded with her cars and cars full of Dothraki and her three “children” to back her up. Don’t mess with the queen unless you want to wake up one day with a lion’s head in your bed. Oh yeah, I went there.

Tyrion the Negotiator 

He’ll talk, he’ll smile, and he’ll drink, but if you’re on the wrong side don’t expect to make it out alive. Too many people have underestimated the man they call “the Imp” to their peril. He might be a smooth talker but he knows when to whip his pistol out and settle things in a manner that’s much more decisive.

Jon, the Iceman 

He’s got a moral compass that always points north, but he never fails to do as his queen bids or as his honor demands. He’s the type of specialist you send in when all negotiations have failed and it’s time for a final solution.

Mad Dog Clegane

Loyal to no one but himself he dispenses his own justice with the Tommy gun and his customary sneer while cursing the day his enemies were born. If you want his services you’ll have to pay, and then just point him wherever you want him to go. Then just get out of his way, or you won’t live to see your expensive victory.

Ramsay and Reek

No need for nicknames here, Ramsay’s real name strikes fear enough into the hearts of those he sets his will against. He’s something of a loner and a would be despot, but he’ll swear allegiance to anyone that furthers his own goals. Reek is his personal servant and favorite toy to play with, and is never far from his side.

Tywin the Godfather Lannister 

He’s old school and accepts nothing less than total obedience from his people. He’s been running the streets since before the others were a spare thought in their mothers’ minds. He knows the ins and outs of the street so well that he knows what people will do before they do it. Too bad he never learned his own son’s habits that well.

Cersei the Moll Lannister

She wants it all but needs the proper inroad to get it. Her absolute disdain for everything and everyone that’s not her brother Jaime or her children blinds her to a lot, but it makes her one of the most dangerous women throughout any neighborhood.

Joffrey the Merciless Baratheon 

The boy who would be king has just one problem, he’s not ready for that throne just yet. He’s a cruel, wicked, and spoiled street thug that wants power but doesn’t know how to grasp it yet, and is made aware of this by his uncle Tyrion on a constant basis.

This was fun. Great drawings Vlad.

Artist Vlad Ricean


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