The “Game of Thrones” Fan Theory about Arya’s Endgame

What is Arya’s endgame? At this point those of watching Game of Thrones are almost down to biting our fingernails in anticipation as we wait for the long overdue matchup between the White Walkers and the armies of Westeros. But aside from that, we’re also curious to know just what Arya has up her tricky little sleeve.

Obviously things are not going well back in Winterfell. She and her sister Sansa are not in one another’s good graces at this point and Sansa looks rightfully scared. Aside from the fact that they are blood, the two have never gotten along and for all intents and purposes Sansa would have thrown in with the Lannisters if it meant saving her own skin. That she never fully gave up on her family however is a mark in her favor at least, and the only reason Arya might have to not end her without hesitation.

But then there are other figures that need to be addressed as well, those playing the long game when all others are simply trying to survive. Yes, I’m talking about Littlefinger. He’s been skulking about Winterfell since the conclusion of the Battle of the Bastards and is about as trustworthy as the fabled serpent of Eden. What his game is seems to be fairly well known but how he seeks to gain whatever it is he wants is not yet fully known. What is known is that he is very good at what he does and won’t reveal anything until he is good and ready.

That’s not bound to be good enough for  Arya. She doesn’t trust him, and she has no reason to aside from the fact that the Knights of the Vale helped to secure Winterfell. Arya has been trained not to trust anyone at this point, not even her own kin if they prove that their loyalties are in question. Perhaps the only thing preventing her from killing Sansa at this point is the fact that they are sisters. Otherwise Sansa might be looking over her shoulder wherever she went.

Arya has proven that she is vicious, she has proven that she can be cruel, cunning, and more to the point, deadly. She’s mastered the water dance, become a skilled assassin, and is a finer swordswoman than Brienne, which is impressive. So what is her endgame?

It might very well come down to what one fan seems to think. Her quest for Cersei’s head notwithstanding, Arya might decide to take her revenge on Littlefinger simply because she does not trust the man. He is a snake and she knows it, but striking at the wrong moment could have disastrous consequences. He is after all the Lord of the Vale, and if he dies, the knights under his command could very well sack Winterfell from within.

Arya will need to bide her time and find the proper manner in which to dispatch Littlefinger, but there is no doubt that her deadly skills will be put to use very soon.

Arya Stark has come home, and her enemies are about to be put on notice.


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