Geeks Battle it Out with Popular Movie, TV, and Video Game Weapons

When geeks battle it out with popular weapons from TV, movies, and video games you know things are about to get real, um, well, real silly at least. You might want to watch the clip and see how many imaginary weapons you can name as these two warriors of pop culture go at, there’s a good number of them that a proud geek should be able to list just off hand without having to look anything up. Within the first few moments of the fight you should be able to tell that they’re starting off with Street Fighter, which is what it looks like the lead guy is playing on his phone.

Once he loses he sees another guy celebrating over his own phone, an obvious sign that he’s found his online nemesis by some strange twist of fate. The showdown begins with a Street Fighter move that is then followed by the disappearing act as a car passes by. And of course the guy in the glasses is behind the other guy. It’s even funnier that Mr. Spectacles is wearing a Star Trek shirt while Frizzy, yes I named them, is wearing a Star Wars shirt. How much more of a rivalry could you ask for after all?

Anyway, the Matrix kick that comes next from Spectacles sends Frizzy crashing through a window, indicating that the parking garage they’re in is somehow located far above the street. But enough with inconsistencies, Frizzy manages to summon a web shooter at the last instant and catches himself before he falls headfirst to the ground. And of course since he’s channeling Spider-man he can’t help but attempt to kiss the nearest woman he finds, which looks to be an old grandma that almost obliges. But then he’s interrupted as Spectacles channels Iron Man and lands in the superhero pose right before aiming a blast of energy at Frizzy as he hangs there.

Thankfully Frizzy is quick enough as he dodges and then snaps out a wad of unseen webbing to glue Spectacles’ hand to the nearest wall. But then just for a brief moment Spectacles summons up adamantium claws and frees himself while managing to somehow cut Frizzy in the process. Frizzy takes a dab from his own wound and tastes it before whipping out his best Bruce Lee impression while Spectacles begins to channel his Ryu, taking his sweet time before letting it loose. Frizzy drops the Lee act and quickly grabs the nearest shield he can, using a garbage can lid to stave off the worst of the attack.

When it’s all said and done Spectacles is tired. He’s wheezing, he’s just about done, but he’s not out yet. After a brief stint in the arcade the guys step back outside and reenact Star Wars as their lightsabers clash again and again. Eventually Frizzy’s is cut into pieces and he has to rely on running away and channeling the Silver Surfer as he opens a dimensional gateway that closes behind him. He returns quickly driving a mockup of the DeLorean which Spectacles counters by summoning up Eleven from Stranger Things. But then Frizzy gets his Ant Man on as the car shrinks and he emerges, socking Spectacles hard enough to drop him. Just as Frizzy is about attack again though Spectacles uses a Force choke to suspend him in midair. Somehow though Frizzy pulls the proverbial cat out of the bag and utters the word “Dracaris”, engulfing Spectacles in a sudden, fiery burst.

And then they go back to their starting positions, beaten, bloodied, but still able to part ways with respect, of a sort.

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