General Hospital: What is Amy Up To?

General Hospital fans want to know what Amy is up to. She’s got something going on, and we just aren’t buying that she’s all about being friendly with Nathan while she stands around being all sad that his wife was a bully to her in high school. For one, she’s made something of herself, and most people don’t stand around pouting over the past for no reason when they have a nice life of their own. They have an ulterior motive of some kind. We don’t think she’s trying to steal Nathan from Maxie, but we do think she might be trying to break them up.

She’s got something up her sleeve, and we know it’s revenge for the wrongs she feels Maxie did to her in high school. Was she as bad as Amy says she was? Amy thinks so, but we aren’t entirely sure that Maxie necessarily did every single thing that Amy said she did. And we don’t think that Maxie did these things just to be rude to her. We think there is more to this story than meets the eye.

But will Nathan figure it out before he allows his strange new friendship with her to ruin his life and his marriage? Honestly, we have no idea just how much help he’s going to need making up for all of that. He’s got some serious issues to work on, and things aren’t looking good for him in the moment. Amy might be the biggest problem he has in life right now.

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