General Hospital Characters We Think Might Not Make It

General Hospital fans are not really sure how to handle all that Ryan is bringing to the table in this situation. He’s not really Kevin, but no one knows that Ryan is the one sitting there impersonating all of them. It’s a situation that we cannot control or handle in any way, but we are sure that there is something we can do if we really look into it. He’s killing people, he’s got a murder list, and we think that there might be a lot more going on than we can even handle. For one, he’s already killed a main character. No one thought that Kiki would end up dead and this would happen in Port Charles, but it did. And now we are all left to sit down and figure out what else might be happening and who else might die around here.


We really hate to say this, but we think there is a major chance she could die in 2019. She’s been having terrible times in her life, and it’s been a rough situation for her. She’s been giving up her life to all the things that are distracting her in so many ways lately, and we aren’t sure that there is much she can do to handle this. She’s been a hot mess, and there is really nothing that we can do to make this feel as if it’s a thing. We are actually wondering if there is something we can work on to get this out of our minds, but Ryan has his sights set on her, and we are not sure that we can handle what is happening. We don’t think that she’d really die, but we think that she might really die. She’s been so upset, life has been so bad, and she’s been such a wreck. We are wondering if there is any way to make this a non-possibility, but she’s the easiest one to see being killed.


She’s been the biggest mess ever since Morgan died and it was indirectly her own issue. She was burned in a fire, she was left for dead, and she’s got more enemies than she has anyone else in her life, and she’s not happy about that. She also lost her daughter, and things are not looking too good for her in Port Charles. She doesn’t know that Kevin is Ryan, but that has not stopped her at all from making it her point to stop and pay attention to him in a way that makes her a homewrecker. He’s been trying to convince her get away with him and not come back, and that’s not good news. He will happily leave Laura since he’s not really the man who is married to her, and she seems like she might eventually do it. She might just make that decision, or else he might just kill her out of frustration. Or, she could always find out that this is something that he did, and that he is Ryan, and he could actually kill her just because of all of that.


This is not a prediction that makes us happy at all. But this is also a young man who is facing serious medical problems in his life, and we don’t know what to do to make sure that this does not happen to him. He’s a young man who doesn’t know what his future holds. His mother has been lying to him for a very long time, and things are not looking good for him. He’s had to make his own decisions and choose his own path lately, and we just aren’t sure it’s working out so well for him. We don’t know if he can handle what is happening in their lives, but we also don’t know if he can manage to deal with what might happen. He’s lived through so much in his life, and this is what might take him. This could be the most heartbreaking story of the year, but it could be entirely true. We hope it’s not because it might kill Josslyn to lose him and have to face her own life on her own. She’s not the type.

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