General Hospital Characters We’d Like to See More Of

General Hospital fans are so excited to see Lucy back in town with something to prove, but we are sad we don’t see more of her. She’s someone we love so much, yet she’s also someone we don’t think will make a big comeback if she’s not allowed. She’s a classic staple with her attitude of confidence and her situation at hand, and we want to think that she can make us feel good about things in a much more efficient manner. She’s a woman who hasn’t had much time to focus on anything other than what is good in her own life, and we’d like to see her make some big moves in that aspect. We think she can do it, but she’s not getting enough air time. Who else do we want to see more of this year?


She’s a Rockstar, and she’s not there enough. She spends so much time being entertaining and dramatic and perfection in every manner. She’s there when the nurse’s ball goes down. She’s there when there is a real estate deal that needs to unfold, and that’s kind of it. She’s rarely in town for more than that, and it makes us a little bit sad in every way, shape, and form. She’s got to find a bit more of her own time to make this happen, and we think that the show’s writers should look for a way to bring her back more often. She’s a fan favorite, and she never seems to disappoint us in any way. We want more, and we want it now.


We’ve been seeing her more often as she’s been working with Laura to figure out what is going on in her friend’s life, but we don’t see her nearly enough. She’s fabulous in every way, and that means we want more of her. We want more of her to see making waves, and we want more of her quick wit and humor. We cannot figure out when she went from being on the show all the time to being there sometimes and then being there hardly ever, but it happened, and we think that might have been a big mistake in some way. She’s not someone who is working with Maxie as much as Laura right now, but we still can’t help but wonder why she’s not spending more time on the show. She’s a major staple who was here for so long, and we struggle to realize why she cannot handle what’s happening on the show. She’s good and we want more of her to show us that she’s there for the long haul.


He’s so good at what he does. He’s the worst of the worst. He’s a total slime. He’s not a nice man. He’s always out to get what works out for him more than what works for anyone else, and he will always put himself first in every single manner of speaking. He’s a total lawyer if you could epitomize that in some way. He’s all there is to hate about that profession and that job, and he is not someone we love at all. But, he is someone we want to spend more time seeing on the television. He’s pure genius when it comes to being the kind of person that we love to see. He brings the drama, the heat, the problems, and the total chaos to the scene.

He’s also Franco’s father, and that’s something that should speak for something. He’s only really there on occasion, but we want to see more of him. We think he can bring so much more to the table, and we think that he can bring us some serious drama if he wants to. He’s got a son who has to find some help in some way, but will his father come through and help him realize he has to make some changes in his own life if he doesn’t want to follow in his darling father’s footsteps? We aren’t sure, but we do know that there is much more to be determined in this situation. It’s not going to work for us if they don’t show more of him on the show.

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