General Hospital Couples Who Make Better Friends

There is a lot happening right now on General Hospital, and many of us wonder if any of that will result in a much-needed chance in relationship status for some people. We don’t know if there will be any marriages left at the end of this year or not, but we do know that there are some we love, some we don’t, and some we want to see happen. We also know that no matter what happens in the grand scheme of what is going on with the love doctor around this hospital, there are just some people who are better off as friends. Whether they are friends now, together now, or something in the middle, we think that some of the couples on here just make much better friends than anything else.

Carly and Jason

They are the best of friends, but they did have a situation a long time ago. They tried to be more than friends, and it didn’t work. And we are afraid that the same might happen again. She’s been in a bad place with Sonny, her own husband, for some time now. Ever since their son died, and she blamed him for it, she’s been off. The fact that she’s in the middle of all this Ferncliff stuff and that Jason is the only one who ever seems to believe in her and want to help her is not good these days. We suspect that she might be falling for him and he for her after all this, but that will not go well. For one, she’s in love with Sonny and much better off with him. Secondly, there is nothing we want to see less than this. We hope that they can spend some time as friends, but he’s going to need to be with Sam, and she’s going to need to be with Sonny. They are both his best friend, and they cannot do that to one another.

Liz and Franco

Honestly.  They are just better as friends, and we cannot express that more than we’ve been trying to recently. We have so much love for them, but they cannot seem to get married. They cannot seem to stay on the same page. They cannot seem to get their lives together. They are not a good couple, but they really do make an excellent set of friends. We are all over that one, really, but we cannot get on board with the fact that there is just nothing else there for them. We want to see them maintain their friendship, but we don’t want to see a marriage go on here. We know it’s not the popular opinion at the moment, but it’s where we are and how we feel. They are not our favorite couple, but they are our favorite set of friends these days.

Drew and Sam

They were married for a long time, but she did think he was Jason. To be fair, he also thought he was Jason, so does that count? And then there is the fact they did get married again after Jason returned and they realized that he was really Drew. That didn’t work out, though, because she cannot get Jason off her mind and out of her heart. She’s not someone who would do well without Jason, but we love to see her with Drew. They are a great team, and we love to see them together. The only problem, however, is that we don’t want to see them together-together. We are good with them as a couple in terms of simply being there for one another in a friendship manner, but we really don’t want to see them rekindle anything. We’d also like to see Drew and Jason form a friendship.

They might not be a couple, but they are twins. We’d like to see them act like it, believe it, and work through this situation they have with one another. They are a great potential team of men who can do no wrong and who will protect those they love more than anything else in their lives. We want to see more of that, and we want to see them feel this way for good.

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