General Hospital: Patient Six Runs Into Trouble

General Hospital fans are watching to see what Patient Six will do next. We know he is on his way to America at this point. We know he is on his way to Port Charles at the moment. We know that there is so much we just don’t know at the moment. We know that this entire situation is too much for anyone to bear, and we know that there is a lot to deal with right now. We can’t wait for him to get to town and for us to have some questions answered.

He’s going to find himself in a bit of trouble before he arrives, though. He’s got more people looking for him than even he realizes, and we still don’t know what he knows. Does he know who he is? Does he know if he is Jason or Andrew? Does he know the people he’s coming to Port Charles to see, or are they just names he’s hoping can provide him with an answer or two?

We are dying to know where this is going and what this means for him and everyone else in this show. We almost kind of hope he is the real Jason and that the current Jason is his brother and there is some mind-altering stuff going on here, but we really don’t know. We really have no idea what is happening or why, but we are very excited about the entire situation. We can’t wait to find out more in the coming weeks.

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