General Hospital Spoilers: New Week New Theme

General Hospital fans have spent the past two weeks looking back on the love story that involves Carly and Sonny, and it was good times. We got to see some of their best moments, some of their darkest moments, and some of their most heart-breaking moments. We don’t know, really, how things will work out with them in the future, but this is a new week and it brings with it a new couple to take a look at. We want to introduce you to the week of Sam and Jason. Their love story is not quite as good as some of the others in terms of falling in love and being the love at first sight situation. It started on a really bad note, and things were not always easy for them. So, we thought we might enjoy this. Today, we go back to 2003. It’s the day when Jason and Sam meet. It’s not quite the most romantic love story as they meet in jail as they are both being arrested for their time working with Sonny. Let’s go back to the beginning.

They Were Both Working with Sonny

They both had some issues with the law for a long time. The reason being is that they both worked for and with Sonny, who was a crime mob boss. This was not something that really put them in a good place with the police, and that didn’t go well for them. They met when they were both arrested on this day, but that didn’t start their actual love story. It started their acquaintance, but she was not interested in him at that point. He did not have much of a say in that, but this is a situation that would change in the near future.

Her Pregnancy

The problem came when Sonny began sleeping with Sam. He got her pregnant, and that was a problem. It was a big problem. He was a married man. And not just married to some woman that wouldn’t be his wife for long. He was married to Carly. The mother of his child, the woman he loves the most. She’s also a woman who is strong and does not take kindly to things getting in the way of her family and her own happiness. Sadly, Sonny thought it might be a good idea to sleep with Sam, and she got pregnant. That didn’t work for Sonny, so Jason did what he had to do.

The Lie

The lie that got Sam and Jason together was one heck of a lie. You see, Sonny couldn’t have this young woman walking around pregnant and working with him when his wife already suspected there was something going on, so he had to get a little bit creative. He had to do this to get his life in order. He decided that he would do what he needed to do go pay off Sam and get her to go away, but then she found out she was pregnant. This was a huge problem, and there was only one way for him to handle it. He had to ask her to pretend that her baby was his baby, and that’s how this all got started.

They didn’t even like one another that much, but they had to act like they were having some serious feelings and a baby together. It worked, for a while, and then she freaked out. She still had feelings for Sonny, and she did not want to marry Jason. He wasn’t’ in this, and that didn’t work out. They did, however, pretend that they were still together with the pregnancy and all. But, then they began to have feelings for one another. It was a lovely time for them, and it did work out. However, it wasn’t quite what they saw coming. They didn’t now what to do with this, but they had to figure things out. They had to make a choice and get things to work out for them, and it did. It might have begun in a rocky situation, but they did find a way to get this to work out.

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