General Hospital Spoilers: Ava’s Messy Life

General Hospital fans are headed back to 2019 again today, and we are watching things unfold as the world is falling apart for so many people. This is the day that Ava is going to duck right out of there. She knows what she’s done wrong, and she knows she’s caused some serious problems, harm, and drama in the lives of the wrong family this year. But, she’s out. Willow is going to do her very best to find a way out of whatever messes she’s in at the moment, but she’s in a big one. She’s lying to everyone she knows about everything she knows, and she’s not sure what to do or how to make it work. Lucas is finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together and figuring things out on his own, and that is going to be one of those situations that doesn’t work out well for anyone. Sam is out, and it’s all part of her plan to get Shiloh to believe she wants to be part of his mess. Josslyn is doing all she can to get her friends and family to think she’s improving, so she’s doing her very best right now. But, we want to go back a bit. We want to look at Ava. She’s a mess, and we want to take a look at some of her messiest situations to date.

Her Penchant for Young Men

We want to start by saying that we have no problem with the fact that she likes her men a bit younger. They are, after all, all very legal and older than too young, so we don’t judge. What we are judging, however, is the simple fact that the young men she chooses aren’t just young men. They are young men who are dating her daughter. She’s got a thing for the young men that Kiki brings home over the years. She once began an illicit affair with Morgan when he and Kiki were dating, and again when they were not, and again at a later date. When Morgan was killed — by her doing because she simply did not want him to go back to her daughter — Kiki began dating Griffin. Then Ava found him appealing and tried with all of her might to find out if she could be with him, too. It worked for her. So, it turns out that our problem with Ava is that she really does cause some serious drama with her daughter’s boyfriends.

She Did Kill Morgan

All right, all right. She didn’t kill him by her own hand, but she had a large role in the chain of events that led to his death. We all know that Morgan was a young man who suffered from some mental health disorders that caused him to need medication to function properly. He was getting too close to Kiki again, and Ava was jealous. She didn’t want him with Kiki again, so she did all she could to find a way to make sure that this did not work out and things did not go that way again. She took his meds. She switched them so that he would be taking meds that are not good for him, they were placebos, and she did all she could t ensure that they would not be working out well together. He went crazy, he stole Julian’s car, and he died. The bomb that was in the car was not meant for Morgan, but medicated Morgan would not have done that. So, he died.

Marrying Nikolas

If there is one thing that we can say is certain about Ava Jerome, it’s that she likes things to go her way or no way at all. She did some horrible things in her time, but one of the most questionable is putting herself into a situation where she has to be married to Nikolas Cassadine for the simple fact that she’s trying to help him reclaim his own fortune from Valentin, who took it when he thought Nik was dead. Now they are causing some serious drama, and we think it’ll end poorly.

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