General Hospital Spoilers: Carly ReReads Her Vows

General Hospital fans are big fans of all that is happening right now. This time getting to see Sonny and Carly at their best and their worst has been fun. From seeing them profess their undying love for one another in the midst of a horrible situation to seeing them in the middle of a personal health battle in which she would not back away from trying to save him no matter what he did to seeing them in the middle of what would only be known as a horrible injury, we just don’t know of another couple on this show we love as much as we love them. Today, we take it all the way back to the year 2015. It’s a little more recent than some we’ve been seeing this week, but it’s a big one. Sonny has been shot, and Carly will not leave his side. She is not going to sit anywhere other than his bed in the hospital while he suffers through injuries that have left him in critical condition. She is going to have a flashback of some of their best times and their worst times, and she is going to re-read his vows. This is an emotional one, and we thought we might go back to their first wedding.

The Ugly Beginning

When Carly came to town, it was beause she was leaving her adoptive family behind (those Darn Bensons) and she was looking for her real mom. Her real mother is Bobbie, but Bobbie doesn’t seem to believe her or want her when she finds out the truth about this. So, she does the unthinkable. She sleeps with Bobbie’s newest husband right before their anniversary, and she falls in love with him. This causes her to become Bobbie’s enemy instead of her daughter, and things take a very ugly turn. Carly initially begins a friendship and relationship with Jason, but she’s mad at him one day and decides to sleep with his hot mess of a brother, A.J. Quartermaine, to get back. She ends up pregnant, lies about the father, and everything works out until the truth is revealed. Things get a little bit ugly, but then Carly sees that Jason is helping Liz when she thinks that Lucky died, and she misunderstands what is gong on. That’s when she sleeps with Sonny, and that’s when Jason cannot. He cannot handle the fact that she just slept with his best friend, but he had no idea this was the beginning of their lives together.

The Miscarriage

It was the early 2000s when Sonny and Carly finally get married. She’s married to A.J. at the time, but she’s pregnant with Sonny’s baby. She decides to leave her husband, and Sonny manages to convince him to sign over his own parental rights to little Michael so that he and Carly can be a real family once and for all. Unfortunately, A.J. had a lot of issues, and he wasn’t able to really get a handle on those for many years. He and Carly got into an argument that ended up with her falling and getting hurt, and this caused her to miscarry the baby. Sonny is crushed. Carly is crushed, and their bond becomes even stronger than it was in the past. They decided to get married at that point.

Their Problems

After realizing just how much in love they were, they decided to renew their vows and be a real couple. It worked for some time, but she eventually decided that she could not be the wife of a mobster. She wanted him out, and she tried to force him out. But, this was in his blood. He wasn’t leaving his position with the mob after he worked so long and hard for it. He ended up leaving her for making him leave, and that was a horrible time for them. They were not happy after that, but we all know that they’ve always managed to find their way back to one another no matter how bad things seemed in the moment. They are truly special together.

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