General Hospital Spoilers: Franco’s Life Becomes More Complicated

General Hospital fans will see that Franco’s life is not about to get any easier. He has the answers to some of his questions, but he’s missing so many more answers than he cares to admit. He has admitted what he knows to Liz and to Jason, and they’re both frustrated with him for not speaking the truth and telling them what he knew sooner. They feel that he has done something to betray them, but he feels so much differently about it. He’s not in a place where he feels that this is a problem, but we do think that he isn’t being helped by it.

He needs more, but there is no one around who can seem to find the answers for him. He’s not satisfied that all is well with the story as it is. It seems like someone went through an awful lot to hide things that don’t necessarily seem like the biggest thing ever. It’s not something he’s willing to discuss with anyone at the moment, but he does have some issues to attend to right now.

He needs to know what happened to that family to cause them to keep two babies a secret from one another. He needs to know what happened to his friend and the twin brother of Jason. He needs to know, but he can’t figure out what it might be. The frustration is making him crazy, and that’s making him seem even more unreliable than he was before.

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