General Hospital Spoilers: It’s Another Week of Sonny and Carly’s Love

General Hospital fans are ready for another week of love from Sonny and Carly. We enjoy this time that we’ve been given to see them and their ups and downs, and it’s something we cannot get enough of. We are hopeful that they continue this for the rest of the week, too. This is a day that takes us all the way back to 2007. Correct us if we are mistaken, but we believe that this is the furthest back we’ve been yet on the new flashback episodes we’ve been given. It’s February, and Carly and Sonny have decided that they are going to spend their time professing their love for one another as there is a crisis going on. This crisis is the Metro Court hostage crisis, and we think that this is a big one. Do you remember it? We decided you might not if you’re a new viewer or if your memory simple doesn’t fill in all the gaps from that long ago. We will remind you all about it.

The Problem Was a Jacks Problem

Do you remember this one? This is the problem that Jax’s brother was causing. His name was Jerry, but he was going by the name James Craig. He was the one behind all of this, all for a stupid reason, and he caused the horrible time that they were all having when they were at the hotel and he took it over to demand that things go his way. His idea of fun, of course, was to make the people he was holding hostage play some dangerous games that led to some deaths. In fact, it was during this horrible situation that Alan Quartermaine lost his life. It was not a good week.

The Injuries

While everyone is in the middle of fighting for their lives, so many things happen. It’s so bad, and so many things are not going well for anyone. This was the day that Robin Scorpio ended up being shot in the stomach. She was, at the time, already long suffering from her HIV diagnosis, and it was dangerous to have her bleeding out all over the hotel as people were injured and also bleeding. Max was shot in the shoulder, and Father Mateo Ruiz was also shot. He was shot because he killed a mercenary. It was horrible. The hotel exploded, and there were many other things going on in that time.

The Surgery

When Robing was shot, there was little to do except for try and save her life. That task was left to Carly and to Emily. Neither of them were doctors, and neither of them were nurses. Neither knew what to do, but they knew that they had to get the bullet out of her body and get her to stop bleeding. They both liked her so much, and neither of them wanted to see this young woman die. So, they did what they had to do. They stood in the middle of a hotel that was being held captive by a man who was horrible and awful, and they basically performed a really bad surgery on Robin. She didn’t die, though, so that was good news. They were able to save her life and get this to work for them, so we are happy that it all worked out for everyone.

The Explosion

This was a situation that didn’t end well for so many people, but it did end. The entire thing finally came to a head when the hotel exploded. There were deaths and many injuries, but this was the night that the lovely Carly decided that she would tell Sonny she loved him and that they would spend their time getting to know how this would work for them and how they could make it go on. They were together after that, and everyone was happy. The hotel was eventually rebuilt and they were able to all move on from this, despite the fact that it was a horrible situation. Jax had nothing to do with it, which is one of the reasons he is still welcomed in Port Charles after what his brother did.

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