General Hospital Spoilers: Nelle is A Problem

General Hospital fans are still not sure about Nelle. She’s so devious and she has no idea why people don’t seem to like her. She’s a very habitual liar, but she often seems so confused that people are turned off by her. She’s still a little shocked that Michael dumped her when they ended up fighting about his mother and the lies she told Carly. Her first reaction was to try and win against his mother rather than be honest with her, but she also seemed to forget that all of this would go against her and make her look a little bit crazy. So we are just confused about it all.

But now she’s got information about other people after overhearing a conversation she shouldn’t have listened to, and she has every intention to use this information to get what she wants out of life. She has no problem thinking that they can make things right in their lives if they just use people to get what they want, and that’s her downfall.

She’s using people to get what she wants, and she’s hurting herself in the process. Will she ever figure out why no one seems to like her or want to be around her? Everyone knows she lies, but do they know why or how and why they are so upset about the entire situation? We don’t know, but we do suspect there is a chance she won’t get it now or even in the future.

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