General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Has a Surprise for Jason

General Hospital fans are not thrilled that Carly is asking Josslyn’s opinion about certain things, but we get that she is looking to make some changes to their lives. She is looking to make their lives better by changing the way the game is played, and we get that. We know that she wants to bond with her daughter and try and make things better, but we are not certain this is the right step to take. She’s got a long road to cover, and she’s not really doing the best job of it right now. She is trying to get closer to her daughter, but we feel that is something she should have been doing a while ago, rather than waiting around to see if things ended up being perfect for them or not. There’s a lot of hurt here, and we get that. But, there is also a lot of desire to change.

What about Sonny? He’s so upset with Ava tha the cannot even control himself, and that’s big considering all that she’s done to him and his family. For example, remember when she switched over Morgan’s medications to placebos because she didn’t want her daughter dating him anymore, and she thought if he went crazy on meds that were not his own, he might leave her or she might leave him? And then, instead, he died? That was not a good move on her part, and now they’re upset with her again. Cameron surprised Liz, and that was sweet. Franco noticed something that concerned him, and we suspect we will see more about that in coming weeks, and then we saw Lucas looking for answers – and he should. We hope he finds them sooner rather than later, too. It’s going to be big when he does.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

This is good, too.

What’s Next on General Hospital

Sam and Jason are working so hard to make their lives seem good and right, and they might just be able to make that happen. They might be able to move on and make it back to a life that works for them after all they’ve been through, and we are so excited about that. But, we also have to consider the fact that they have more to lose than they might want to admit, and that scares us a bit. They are a couple who has to focus on the future and not the past, but that is sometimes difficult for them. Right now, though, we have to admit we are happy with the way things are going. They are working well together, and she has a surprise for him. We don’t know if it will be a sweet one, a fun one, a romantic one, or what, but this is something we are excited about to say the least.

Valentin is still working his angle to keep his wife happy, but he’s not sure how much longer he can hold on to that. He has to meet with Curtis, and it might not go well, but he’s a man who will do anything he can to get his way. So, we suspect he can talk his way out of whatever problems might arise from this. Then there is the fact that we might just see things unfold with Sasha, too. She’s making a declaration, and we cannot decide what that means or how that will work for them.

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