General Hospital Spoilers: Someone Shows Up At Ava’s Unannounced

General Hospital fans aren’t all that happy about how sad things are at the moment. The death of Kiki has brought up on the people of Port Charles a horrible feeling of sadness. This close to the holidays, it’s one of the worst times of year to suffer a death situation. This is a time of happiness and love and light and belief, but this is simply not the case right now. It seems that 2018 has been a terrible, no good, very bad year for everyone. Not one person has had a good year. Even the newlyweds aren’t in the best place right now thanks to the fact that Jordan is so obsessed with this case. People have left, died, babies have died, gone missing, and things have happened that have been ugly. Most of this has been caused by the same number of people who like to create havoc on a regular basis, and we are just so upset that this is what people feel is good news for them.

We cannot help but wonder if there is anything we can do to help the people of Port Charles, but we know that they have to find a way out of their personal mess. We can only hope that their next year is better than this year, but we have to doubt that’s going to be very true. Is there a chance that they can get over what is bothering them and work on things that aren’t going well? Sonny is now up to speed on what is going on. Nina is, once again, disappointed in what her life looks like — but we suspect this is the norm for her in many ways. Anna is the only one looking forward, and we wonder if that’s doing her any good at all.

What’s Happening on General Hospital

When fans are all excited about working together and the way people are acting on their parts, we are all excited to see their praise. They have so much to say about it, and they have so much to offer, and we love it. When the fans recognize the beautiful acting, it means something.

What’s Next on General Hospital

Carly is not happy with Kevin, and she has some words for him. She’s aware that he has left his wife, that he is pursuing Ava, and that he has done all kinds of awful things in the last few months. She’s tired of seeing her people hurting the same way she’s been hurting, and she’s not having any more of this. She’s going to say something to him, and we do believe that she still believes he is Kevin. She’s most certainly unaware that he is Ryan, but we are all just wondering how much more he can play this game and have people thinking that this is the situation. He’s living his own life with his twin’s name, and we think that this means someone is going to have more of a problem than we can imagine.

On the other hand, someone is going to surprise Ava by showing up unannounced. We don’t know if it’s a good visit or a bad one, but we suspect that we will find a way to make sure she’s not in good company when this all goes down. She’s not the kind of woman who is easily surprised, so this must be very interesting. We do think that there is a lot more happening here than we can imagine. Nina is also working through her disappointment by considering giving her husband another chance. She might just allow things to progress with him, but to what extent and for how much longer before she realizes that he will not change?

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