General Hospital Story Line Predictions

General Hospital fans aren’t immune to some seriously shocking plot line situations. It makes us think this year will continue to be the kind of year in which we have to watch things unfold in a way that won’t make much sense as a whole. But, there’s a lot we don’t know will happen. We do have some predictions, however, and we have something to say that might just shock everyone. But, for now, we just want to recap some of the major stuff that happened last year when things were not as they seemed. Drew was not Jason, and he had no idea. No one had any idea, and he’s still struggling a year later. People are not sure who is who anymore, and no one is choked to find out that there are people terrorizing them that remain nameless and faceless, and we have a lot of predictions for the year.

Jason and Sam

For one, we have to be blind and deaf not to see this situation happening, but we have to be honest when we say that we do think that there will be some problems for this couple before they are able to get their lives together. They were married for so long, and they were perfect for one another for all those years. But they didn’t know that their marriage was over for so long – well, she didn’t know. She thought she was married to her husband until last year. He’s been living without her for years, though. He did hope he could come home and be with his wife again, but that did not work for him. However, she’s sure that he is the man for her no matter what else happens. We think that they will take their time making this work in their lives, but we do think that they will make it happen in some way. We are proud of who they seem to be becoming, and we think that they can make this work in some way. It’s something we see will be very good.

Ryan Has More Time

This is not the kind of situation we want to go through with admitting, but we do think that there is a great chance that this will happen. We know that this will turn into a big mess, and we get that. We know that there is something happening here, and more people will die. He is not going anywhere anytime soon. No one seems to be able to put any pieces together with this situation, and we are shocked by that. We see that he did a good job encouraging Laura, however, to run for office so that she would be too distracted by all that to bother with the fact that he is clearly not himself. However, we think he has a few more weeks at least. He will make sure this town suffers more than anyone else before his plot is all said and done and people are able to figure out what he is doing and how he’s been doing it.

A Crossover Event

This is probably pretty farfetched, but we want to say what we are thinking. There’s a lot of similarity between what is going on in Days of Our Lives’ Salem and what’s happening in Port Charles with dead people suddenly returning from the past and with people with no memory of who they are showing up. There’s a lot of memory issues and doctors and things happening around here, and we wonder how much longer it will be before the show’s writers get together and decide how they can turn this into a Days/GH crossover event of some sort. We are not sure that it won’t happen, but we do know that this will be something that would bring in fans from all over the world. Even those who may not watch or haven’t watched in a while would turn around to see this all happen. A daytime crossover event would be the biggest hit of the year – and we would love to see something like this go down. And we cannot help but wonder if it’s even possible.

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