General Hospital’s Best of the Best Moments in History

General Hospital fans know that sometimes the worst things turn into the best things, but what happens when we all think that they are amazing? They might be awful, horrible, painful and devastating to watch, but they end up being the moments that actually send the show down in history as amazing. Port Charles has been a place we’ve been spending our imaginary time for more than five decades, and that means a lot has happened. But some moments stand out as the best of the best even if they weren’t happy moments at the time. They’re the moments that you remember forever. Do you agree?

The Wedding of the Century

Never did anyone think that there was a moment more beautiful than the one in which Luke and Laura got married. Even in a time when there was no way to live record a show other than to use a VCR and hope that it worked out for you, there were more people watching this than anything else on television. It was a spectacular moment, and we are happy that we got to be a part of it. It was one of those things that made our days, made us happy, and made things work in our favor. We loved it for everything it was worth, and that’s something we cannot ignore in any way, shape or form. It was the best moment of the show’s history – and we are positive nothing can top it.

When Someone is Reborn

At the time, it was a little confusing, a lot upsetting, and people did not get it. Now, though, it is the best moment because it is a catalyst type of moment. It began as a tragic situation when Jason Quartermaine was almost killed in a car accident after his brother was drunk driving and almost killed him. He was in a coma, everyone was upset, and the golden boy of the family and the entire city was almost dead. Fans mourned. People were upset, and no one could believe this was happening. And then it all changed. It changed because it could and it would and it did. It changed when Jason woke up and decided he was not himself. He didn’t have much of a memory, and he became the Jason Morgan we know, love, and appreciate so much right now. He is the man we all love and want to see happy. You see, at the time, we all missed the real Jason. But over time, we’ve all come to realize that he is not meant to be a preppy, pretty good boy. He’s meant to be this person. This Jason who makes it all worthwhile for us. And we love that more than anything else.

The Unspoken Heartache

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again. When the show decided that it would give Stone AIDs and diagnose Robin as HIV positive, we knew that things were going to change. This was not something that people talked about. It was not a moment that anyone was happy with. It was not a thing. It was nothing anyone wanted to acknowledge. And it was a moment that hurt people beyond anything you can even consider worthwhile. It was also a moment in which we realized that it was time to start discussing things that are slightly uncomfortable. It was a time when things were not going to change, go away, or make light of anything else.

And this moment was pivotal. When Stone died, the entire world mourned. It brought attention to a subject so many people lived with without speaking of. It made people aware, and it brought attention to something that needed it so much. It changed the game, the world, and the way the shows approached subjects that are taboo and off-limits – and it probably saved a lot of lives when parents decided to talk to their kids about safe sex and the horrible risk they face when they don’t listen to that specific advice. We will never know, but we suspect this was a conversation starter for so many people. Perhaps it will be for you, too. Let it help you.

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