General Hospital’s Biggest Plot Holes

General Hospital fans have been watching the show long enough to know that there are some problems that never seem to find an answer. Some people are able to make the most of their lives and some are able to do anything they want because fans forgive and forget faster than anyone else in the entire world. So, with that in mind, we thought we might bring you some of the biggest plot holes we’ve seen on this side of the soap in recent years. They’re pretty big, pretty amazing, and we can’t figure out quite how anyone was able to ignore these as long as they did. It’s amazing to us, to be quite honest.

Franco’s Transgressions

People love him so much. We get it, too. He’s great at what he does, and he’s good at all the things he brings to the table. He’s a man who has a lot to offer, and he’s a man who has a lot to give to those who are in his life. He’s a loving man who wants to make the best lives for those in his life, but he was a man who was so bad that people described him as a man without a conscience. It’s true that they also described him as a man who had a terrible brain tumor that was controlling his entire life, but what about all the other things going on in his life? We aren’t sure how that applies to so much in his life, but we know that people suddenly forgot all about the myriad of horrifying, awful, terrible things he did to everyone else all of a sudden. It was quite strange.

Jake’s Alive

Okay, so we get that he was hit by a car that Luke Spencer was driving and he was declared brain dead when he died back in 2011. We get that this is something that happens, and we even get that some people can come back from the death with some sort of very weird but plausible explanation. But what we don’t get is the entire situation where his own kidneys are the ones that saved the life of Josslyn Jacks. She had cancer, and she needed kidneys. He came in, brain dead, and was a total match to her. She is alive because of this. SO, we are kind of wondering how he came back to life four years later after being kept with the Cassadines on the island all that time. We are glad that Jason and Liz’s son is alive and well, of course, but he’s given kidneys to someone else. And she’s still alive. And yet Sonny and Carly have no idea to think to ask about that. This kid gave his actual kidneys to Carly’s daughter, and he’s alive and well four years later. How did he get to them? How did that work? Why are we the only people who are worried about the fact that Joss might have some kidneys from someone else and they might not even be a match? We aren’t sure.

Emily’s Cancer

She was secretly living with cancer for months, and she was afraid to leave her boyfriend because of it. She faked a relationship with Nikolas, her friend, so that he would leave her and not want her anymore. She thought that was better than her death, and we get that. But we also get that there is a lot happening in the meantime. She faked her relationship, she got sick and developed meningitis in the middle of her chemo, and she was dying. She’d already fallen in love with Nikolas at this point, but he married someone else to save his family’s fortune, and things were not good for her. She dreamed one night that she was able to kiss Nikolas, and then she woke up cancer free and healthy as can be. It was like the entire thing was a long dream we lived out for weeks, and no one really ever thought much more about it. We were glad, of course, but it was weird – to say the least. We just didn’t get it, at all. But that’s all we have to say about that.

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