George R.R. Martin’s ‘Nightflyers’ Trailer While You’re Waiting for Game of Thrones

Supposedly Nightflyers will help to alleviate the feeling that a lot of us might be getting while waiting for Game of Thrones to come back in 2019, but this story, created by George R.R. Martin, might be more of a placeholder that someone wants you to believe could take your mind off of GoT. Looking at the clip it doesn’t look like it would be that bad but truly and honestly it’s a different genre altogether and unless Martin is going to send us something that has to do with a similar setting then claiming that this will settle our nerves while waiting for GoT to come back is something of a cruel joke.

It could possibly be everything that the cast and crew are stating it will be and more, but stating that it could make one forget, even temporarily, about one of the greatest shows ever created is kind of foolish in a way. There’s nothing to say that Nightflyers won’t be great, as a space voyage that goes wrong can have a lot of implications, especially with a telepath on board and miles of spaceship in which to roam. That’s a creepy thought really if you sit and think about it for a moment. Long, dark passageways, a deranged individual, or individuals, on a ship where there aren’t that many people and you feel that you should be able to trust everyone. Strange happenings that you can’t explain start to occur, and the worst part is that there’s nowhere to run since you’re on a ship in the middle of space and escape is never entirely possible. Yeah, that sounds like it would a very big mind trip.

It goes without saying that something like this could be a great show and could be something that people really want to watch. In fact just thinking of how big they made the set and how detailed it seems to be implies that this is going to be a major project that should impress a lot of people. But honestly a lot of people are still going to be waiting for GoT to come out and won’t bother thinking about anything else until that moment. It’s keeping the series fresh in their mind really since they don’t want anything else in there to dim the idea that they have about the show and what it means to them. Yeah it sounds a little paranoid and really strange but at the same time it’s understandable since some hardcore fans are so into the show that they might think that they’re betraying GoT if they go and enjoy another show. People are weird like that sometimes.

Nightflyers seems like it will be creepy just based on the idea that in space there’s nowhere to go. Escape can only take a person so far before their back is to the wall and fighting becomes the only option. And by now we should all know how fights on spaceships go.

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