George W. Bush Reminds Daughter Jenna She Got Arrested For Fake ID

Jenna Bush has made a great career for herself both on the TODAY show and in all of her other endeavors.  The daughter of George W. Bush and mother of 2 was lucky enough to have her father in the studio today along with Kathie Lee Gifford.   Don’t you just love when you’re a married 35-year-old NBC correspondent with 2 kids and your former president father comes on and first says he doesn’t watch your show, then remarks to you about getting arrested for a fake ID in your teens?

What has gotten into George W. Bush in the last 10 years?  I mean, when you talk democrats and their distaste for when George W. Bush was President, that hate runs pretty deep.  But today? With Trump in the White House he seems like a saint.  I think what we’re starting to realize is that while George W. Bush might not have been the sharpest hen in the hen house, he was and is a decent human being.   He never had any bad intentions for the American people and never would.  I think today everyone would LOVE to see him in office…..which is kind of scary.

But watching Bush just being a flat out dad and embarrassing his daughter on national television is awesome.


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