Get Ready Because an UNO Game Show is Coming to Television

This isn’t the first time that Uno was given an attempt to make it on TV, but obviously, the chance in 2013 didn’t pan out quite so well since this current moment is one that’s bound to have a lot more meaning since the game’s 50th anniversary is coming up next year, which makes this kind of perfect even though it doesn’t have a network just yet. By now it feels safe to say that a lot of people know what Uno is all about since the game has been featured in 80 countries or so and is one of the easiest card games to find. But realizing that was created back in 1971 is kind of a surprise, to say the least. The Uno game show is bound to focus around the iconic game without any doubt but it also sounds like it’s going to be a team game that will involve more than just the card game and will bring in trivia and other challenges as well. One can only hope that the original game will still be the main point since naming it after the game would be kind of odd if it was going to take a direction that didn’t have much to do with it. But the fact that there will be teams in this show is also kind of odd. When is the last time that anyone was able to play a team game of Uno?

It sounds awkward since this is one of the many games that individuals play against one another in an attempt to one-up each other in a massive back and forth style of gaming that can cause tempers to flare and people to stop speaking to each other for a while. In fact, only Monopoly really appears to be worse when it comes to really setting off certain players. The goal of the game is still going to be to win, but with a team dynamic being introduced it feels likely that there’s going to be a lot more indecision and quite a few more challenges since if anyone recalls what it’s like to sit around the table and play this game then they’ll remember the utter frustration that comes with it. But then again, the rules for the regular card game might change a bit if there are going to be teams and since the game is going to be televised it’s easy to wonder if the same strategies that people have used for so long are going to be as applicable as they’ve been in the past. Some people might want to believe that Uno is more luck than strategy since it’s all a matter of which cards are dealt and drawn, but when you think about it, the best Uno players are the ones that know how to do the most they can with the cards they’re given, and hopefully, this game will be about the same.

This doesn’t sound like it’s the only game that will be coming in the next year or so but people are bound to be excited for it since Uno played at home or wherever the deck is busted out is sure to be a good time, or an argument waiting to happen, but from a spectator’s standpoint it’s certain to be something that people will get a lot of amusement out of considering what usually happens when people play elimination rules. Has anyone ever done that? Usually, a lot of people will play the game until one person is out of cards and that’s it, the game is over and the points are tallied up to see who lost just a little and who lost big. But playing until the last person is left is something that can be a lot of fun for those that get to watch the end of such a game since it can get intense, but it can also go on for a while if the cards don’t fall just right. It’s already easy to think that this game will make certain that there’s a winner at the end since it’s likely that it will follow the standard rules, hopefully, and will crown one winner while the rest of the teams will simply be eliminated. Maybe there will even be an eventual championship that will bring winning teams back onto the show near the end of the season in order to test their wits and their skills against each other. That would be pretty cool.

However you say it, Uno is going to be an interesting game to watch on TV since it’s an entirely new experience that a lot of people will no doubt be willing to sit through at least once, and possibly again if the game proves to be interesting enough. It sounds like a good time so far.

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