Get Ready For More Gosselin – Jon and TLC Settle

After rumors circulated that Jon Gosselin was hurting for cash, this outcome became inevitable: Jon and TLC have settled the breach of contract suit against him and – get this – he has said he will allow TLC to film the children once more.

Not so fast. TLC says this was never about them wanting to film the children, it was always about Jon Gosselin breaching his contract. Sure. That’s why the settlement comes with no visible signs of Jon being punished, but the most glaring and public portion of the ‘settlement’ being TLC’s permission to once again film the Gosselin children. Both sides may be trying to keep their images clean, but the math is pretty simple: Jon banked on being fired by TLC so he could pursue his various sordid projects, when that didn’t happen and the money dried up he reverted to his old tricks: exploiting his children.

TLC isn’t so innocent either. Without knowing the full details of the settlement it’s difficult to say for certain, but it would appear that this had less to do with Jon breaching contract and more with strong arming him into dropping his position that the filming was harmful to his children.

With all of the ensuing drama, though, you can bet that child welfare officials will be a little more careful about exposing the children to the scrutiny of reality TV. Would you really want to be recognized as “Stubby’s Kid”?


  1. Leslie Bergstrom February 21, 2010
  2. sandra February 26, 2010

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