Gilmore Girls Reboot Confirmed at Netflix

Gilmore Girls

Months ago the rumors of a Gilmore Girls revival series on Netflix started swirling. Since then, Netflix had not confirmed (or denied) the news that all the die-hard fans went crazy over. As of today, it’s 100% official! Series stars Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop and Scott Patterson are all on board. Graham excitedly sent out this tweet this afternoon.

The tentative title for the four-part series is Gilmore Girls: Seasons. Each episode will be a 90 minute chapter covering the total of one full calendar year with Lorelai, Rory and friends.

Joining the core cast will be Sean Gunn as Kirk and Keiko Agena as Lane. Expect plenty more of the Stars Hollow residents to sign on. After all, how could the town exist without Taylor, Ms. Patty and Babette? Cross your fingers Melissa McCarthy isn’t too busy to find time to revisit her roots as Sookie as well.

Are you as excited as we are that this reboot is officially happening? We’ll keep you updated with any further developments as soon as we hear them. Production on the series is set to start at the beginning of February.

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