10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gin Tama

Gin Tama is a manga that has been adapted for film and television. It’s an action/adventure and comedy that also incorporates science fiction into its basis. It’s a Shounen anime featuring a lead character that is too cool to act as he cares. The plot centers around bringing moral principles to bear with the reality of the modern world. The lesson to be learned is that hanging on to a grudge isn’t good for anyone around you. The story centers around three main characters who’ll do nearly anything to make a buck and their hilarious adventures. Here are ten things you should know about Gin Tama before you watch.

1. It could be offensive to some viewers

Gin Tama is filled with a lot of parodies and remarks made by the main characters that to some are funny and to others are offensive. There’s not much middle road here with Gin Tama. Most either love it or hate it and there aren’t a lot of people who are on the fence about it.

2. It’s empowering for women

Granted, the abilities of Kagura, Kyubei, Otae, and Tsukuyo are quite exaggerated, these are female characters that you wouldn’t want to tick off or meet in a dark alley alone. We know that this happens a lot in animated action movies but the women in the anime are setting an example of sorts for other women about being self-confident and believing in yourself instead of shrinking back. That’s something they’ll have no part of.

3. Hideaki Sorachi created the series to focus on parody

One of the main themes that we see in Sorachi’s work in the adaptation of the Manga is the use of an almost satirical humor. He uses a lot of gags and smart one-liners. the humor is sporadically infused with hardcore humor.

4. There’s a real focus on social issues

When the aliens invade Japan it causes a host of problems between the two species. We see an ongoing battle for social equality and da serious lack of it. The show is about human beings trying to preserve their way of life as well as about cracking jokes that border some type of moral line. There’s not a lot of cultural or another type of sensitivity when the jokes fly so if you want to watch this show you’d better have a tough skin.

5. You can read the Manga for a different perspective

While the anime show for television is close in most respects to the original Manga, it’s not one hundred percent on cue. There are differences but in many regards, it’s in the interpretation of the story. Sometimes it’s fun to read enough volumes of the Manga to catch up with where the series has left so you can compare the two.

6. Gin Tama was made into a movie

Gin Tama is a popular manga and television anime series that has amassed a following of fans. It’s been made into a television anime series but it’s also been made into a movie. The film was released in 2010.

7. The humor is a bit bizarre for some

The anime is funny but there are a lot of references to historical figures that will go right over your head if you’re not familiar with them. Some of it is cultural and not everyone gets the humor fully. Some of it is obvious but not everything is unless you have a frame of reference.

8. There are few limits to the parody

Gin Tama takes parody over the top. Hideaki Sorachi doesn’t apply the brakes often and it goes way out there and it everything is game for the fun poking. It’s been compared to South Park in its irreverence, so if you’re sensitive or easily offended you probably won’t appreciate the humor

9. It’s well-balanced

The way that the adventure, drama, and humor are written gives the anime a good balance. While there are so many anime versions or adaptations taken from the manga that are shredded by critics, Gin Tama has relatively few complaints in this area. It’s overall a well-balanced television adaptation of the manga.

10. The storyline and plot are dead on

One of the best things about Gin Tama is that the characters are well developed. The show doesn’t flounder or get stuck in a slow-motion stage as many anime do. It moves on at a good clip and there are no fillers once you get past the first two episodes. It’s pure entertainment.

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