A Giovanni Ribisi Dancing Tribute Video Exists

Admit it, you were waiting for Giovanni Ribisi to break into dance for this tribute video. Give the man credit he does know how to move his body after all and can be seductive, at least until someone looks up and see his face. Oh that was horrible, but in all truthfulness Giovanni isn’t the most handsome man in the world even though he has a great amount of acting talent to seemingly make up for it. He doesn’t dance in a lot of films but the way he acts and takes on one character after the next is pretty impressive since for a weasely-looking guy like him it seems like there might only be a few roles that could possibly fit the bill.

And yet he does play his characters with a lot of professionalism and aplomb since his roles in Ted and in A Million Ways to Die in the West are very different. He’s been in so many movies and TV shows at this point that picking out a favorite among his many different parts would be kind of difficult. A few that don’t get enough attention would be Ralph from My Name Is Earl, and Donny from The Gift. He can play a cocky, arrogant person like he did in Gone In 60 Seconds or he can play a truly disturbed individual as he did in The Gift, but no matter what role he plays Giovanni is putting as much into his performance as he can to make it work. The dancing and the goofing around is just kind of a bonus that he gets to throw in since some of it goes to bloopers and other parts are just there as a part of the fun.

Quite honestly he seems to be a guy that goes under the radar more often than not since a lot of people don’t even know his name after so long. He’s done a lot in his career and yet folks still don’t know him as well as they might know others that haven’t even been around for half as long. That could be the thing about being a character actor that tends to dampen a person’s reputation at times, the audience could remember the character but not the name of the actor that plays them. However it hasn’t stopped Giovanni since he’s been acting for over a couple decades now and has slowly but surely progressed with each and every performance. He’s been acting since he was a kid to be honest and now that he’s getting older he’s managed to mature to the point that he can deliver on just about anything that he’s asked.

This is a guy that was in the Twilight Zone, Married..With Children, Avatar, and many, many other productions that people loved at one point and time. His career is still going strong and his love of the industry seems to be just as strong as ever so it bears saying: dance on Giovanni, dance on.

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