Girl Meets World Review: Riley Gives Maya Her Greatest Gift for Christmas

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Even at Christmastime, Maya is her own worst enemy. Most would think this is strange considering how different this Christmas is compared to her past holidays. For the first time Maya has a complete family of her own to go home to on Christmas Eve, but she doesn’t believe that the holidays will change her bad luck. For this year’s Girl Meets World Christmas, it’s up to Riley to show her best friend why she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore, and how every other Christmas has led up to the most important of all.

As she did when Shawn and Katy got married, Maya fears she could screw up her first Christmas with Shawn. No one said it was a rational fear, but Maya got too used to thinking that good things were for other people. When you program yourself that way for so long, it’s difficult to accept when something good happens. Even now when Maya, Katy, and Shawn have had time to live together as a family, Maya still thinks her crazy Christmas tradition could scare Shawn away. When Maya was young her mother couldn’t afford to give her a lot, so instead of Santa, Maya got Gimbo the Elf. Gimbo didn’t give presents, but he did hang around to keep the cold out and hang out with the girls. That was Maya and Katy’s holiday tradition. Maya thinks Shawn will be weirded out, for lack of a better explanation.

Riley being Riley, she takes matters into her own hands to show Maya her Christmas past. Maya realizes that her mother gave her a gift greater than any toy, she gave her her friends. Katy got the proper permits so that Maya would be able to go to school with her friends even though she didn’t live in the same neighborhood. Because of that Maya’s always had people looking out for her who she could depend on.

Christmas Present is about Riley’s Secret Santa with her friends, which starts out disastrously. Riley fully embraces the crazy of the holiday spirit by making everyone (sans Lucas because he knew to flee) participate in Secret Santa. The point of the game is to prove how well you know the person whose name you draw, and everyone finds they don’t really know each other as well as they think they do. Without explanation, the gifts can be construed as downright insulting. Everyone has to explain the meaning behind their gifts, and it turns out that everyone’s intentions are to get to know each other better and help each other get to know and appreciate themselves. Smackle’s gift to Maya proves that they all have plenty of time to do so.

So we move onto Christmas Future. Maya needs to take steps to get there, but first she needs to see Shawn’s Christmas past, which was much worse than any of Maya’s. Most of Shawn’s Christmases he spent with the Hunters because there was no one waiting for him at home. Now he has people to come home to and people to wait for. It’s about time Maya embraced that. What she doesn’t realize is that this gift comes from Riley in a very unique way. Though Maya has always felt like something was missing at Christmas, Riley’s Christmases were complete because her best friend was there. For Christmas Riley let Maya go so she could be happy with her new family. The greatest Christmas gift you can give is the one which means more than what you yourself want.

With that Girl Meets World bids adieu until 2017. Happy Holidays Girl Meets World fans!

Girl Meets World Season 3 Episode 18 Review: "Girl Meets A Christmas Maya"


This Christmas on Girl Meets World, Riley helps Maya embrace the gift that is her new family.

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