Glee Episode 3.02 Promo: Idina Menzel Returns in “I Am Unicorn”

The third season of Glee has premiered. A few things were cleared up – mainly that Tina and Artie are juniors. Emma and Will are now sleeping together and Will is determined for the glee club to win Nationals this year. The glee club needs new members after Sam and Lauren are gone and Quinn is rocking a punk and pink hairdo. Some of the kids are worried about getting into college and Finn feels pretty directionless. And Sue is on a kick to destroy again – but this time she’s decided to accomplish this by becoming a politician.

In the September 27 episode of Glee, Idina Menzel makes a return appearance as Shelby Corcoran, who will be taking on a teaching post at McKinley High. Menzel will be guest starring in multiple episodes throughout the season. Quinn is clearly not happy about Shelby’s return, concerned that she’s back to remind Quinn about the daughter she gave up for adoption. Mr. Schuester will hold a boot camp for some of the New Directions members and Kurt will be auditioning for the school play.

This episode will be running an extra minute long, so make sure to adjust your DVRs. Below is a trailer for the September 27 episode of Glee.

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