Godzilla Life-Sized Theme Park Attraction in Japan: That is All

Godzilla Theme

This is certainly different to say the least. As Kevin Burwick from MovieWeb has reported it looks as though a massive Godzilla theme park attraction will be opening sometime next summer, presumably after the Godzilla vs. Kong movie that’s slated to come out around the same time. While people will no doubt be expecting the ride to mirror the movie at least somewhat, it’s been revealed that the attraction will be modeled more after Shin Godzilla, which has enjoyed great success and has won several Japanese Academy awards, which is hard to believe but can’t be refuted since it did happen. To be honest though Shin Godzilla looks absolutely terrifying and in comparison to the creature that we’ve seen thus far it could be that this was the best image to think about when trying to really draw the fans in. So far it would seem that people are already getting excited about this coming attraction and people are already being encouraged to plan far ahead for the event when it finally does come.

The idea of walking willingly into Godzilla’s mouth is something that a lot of people are no doubt going to get excited about, and you can imagine that there will be plenty of jokes that will come as a result. Heck, there might even be a few memes and GIFS that come as a result of this. But the whole idea is that the people walking into the mouth of this beast will be taking an adventure and completing several missions as the ride offers and will no doubt leave with an experience they won’t soon forget. The sheer number of resources and materials needed to create this monster have to have been insane, but looking at the pictures that have been offered thus far you can’t help but think that it’s nothing short of awe-inspiring. To think that anyone would make something like this is an idea that would have been way ahead of its time in any other era, but at this point it’s giving fans something that they’ve never had before and bringing them another experience that many will remember for years to come. Hannah Frishberg of the New York Post has more to say on this subject.

Godzilla is one mythical creature that has never really gotten boring throughout the years. Even when the monsters seem to keep coming and coming without cease and Godzilla would always find some way to take them out, or when Godzilla was the monster and needed to be taken down, the feeling was that the giant lizard had become a part of world culture at one point. The Japanese have a lot of pride in this creature since the massive beast is a force of nature that has been tied to Japan for a long time now, but ever since Godzilla crossed the Pacific things have kept speeding up as fans have continually latched onto the idea and have continued to run with it. For decades now Godzilla has been one of the most prolific names in pop culture since the creature is obviously larger than life and the destruction that he leaves in his wake is absolutely devastating. Tacked onto that is the carnage caused by the enemies that he’s had to fight for so many years, and might still have to fight in the years to come since no matter that it wasn’t the biggest movie at the box office, Godzilla: King of Monsters, just opened a door to the Monsterverse that is wide open thanks to the the emergence of several other titans that haven now accepted Godzilla as their alpha. This development, which is now headed Kong’s way as we can guess, is going to seriously impact the current universe and will finally settle the discussion of just who the real king is, and who is just the pretender.

But one can assume, hopefully, that a fight between Kong and Godzilla is going to be broken up by a common enemy that forces them to work together since thinking that one of them has to triumph is a bit saddening only because both of them are essentially there for humanity’s protection, or so people like to think. But it does feel as though the two will be pulled into a common conflict since there are simply too many people that would likely stop watching, at least for a while, if the two fought to a bloody and bitter end finally. Plus, you can bet that someone would come up with an idea to say that Kong wasn’t the last, or Godzilla wasn’t the last of their kind. Ah yes, movie magic at its best. However the movie turns out though this attraction will be waiting for those that are ready to see Godzilla from an entirely different angle. If nothing else it will be something different, and that’s something to look forward to.

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