Five New Characters We Can Expect to Appear on Gotham


Season Four of Gotham is heating up and it seems the show is bringing on board new cast members by the week. Although the execs have been so adamant on sharing information about the people who are expected to make appearances this year, some digging around has revealed generous details about upcoming appearances this season. Here are five confirmed faces that you should expect to see in Gotham season four.

Marina Benedict

The first new member of the cast you should know about is Marina Benedict. Those of you who have watched Prison Break can remember her role in which she played as A&W. On Gotham, she joins under the name Cherry and will be the owner of The Narrows fight club. As such, she will have a lot of power around her and this will help her influence many decisions. Some information hints that she will also at some point be of good help to Bruce Wayne while at other times her influence will be detrimental to his pursuit. Undoubtedly, Cherry will spice up the show.

Benjamin Stockham

Famous for appearing in the TV show About a Boy as Marcus, Stockham will also be aboard the Gotham crew team to feature in season four. His character will be Alex Winthrop and he appears as a grandson to a museum curator. No sufficient information about his impact on the involvement in the cause of Bruce has been shared yet, so I think one has to watch to know how the character will shape the show.

Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed is also a new face you should expect to see in Gotham season four. She joins as Sofia Falcone who happens to be the daughter of Don Falcone. Sofia is an intelligent girl and her return will be to help with the Penguin “situation.” She previously went away to tend businesses owned by the family which are located on the southern side of the country. She will also feature as a love interest to Gordon and this brings up the question of whether she will last long on the show because other ladies involved in love affairs with Gordon did not have a good stay.

Jonathan Crane

Another character you are likely to see in Gotham season four is Jonathan Crane (Charlie Tahan). He made his first appearance in the show during its sophomore season and his new role will include donning the guise of the Scarecrow. He will help to pass the terrifying image required through the Scarecrow part of the show.

Cameron Monaghan

Cameron Monaghan will return as Jerome Valeska. He is the son of Lila Valesca, a circus snake dancer. Monaghan has made appearances in several episodes of different shows both as a main character and as a guest star. In Gotham season four he appears as a guest star but his role specifically has not been communicated, so it would be ideal to wait until the episodes are released.

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