Graffiti Artists Transform Blockhouse Into Shenron From Dragon Ball

These fans of Dragon Ball Z decided to turn a block house on the coast into Shenron from the show. If you don’t watch Dragon Ball Z, Shenron is a dragon that is summoned when all the dragon balls are gathered, which means that the person that did the gathering gets to make a wish. The trick is that Shenron is kind of impatient and will impress upon the individual a bit forcefully that they need to make their wish or risk his ire. Shenron isn’t a bad guy but he’s certainly not anyone you would want to mess with since he resides in the fiery core of the earth and isn’t afraid of much.

It’s amazing what some people see when they look at certain objects and how they could possibly look if just a little imagination was applied. In this case however they would almost certainly have to work quickly for part of the project. The tide lapping against the front quarter of the building would wreak havoc on anything done within a short amount of time, and if left alone it could very well cause a lot of damage to the artwork if allowed to continually submerge anything that hadn’t fully set yet.

The artistry of the work is impressive since if you take a look at the cartoon version of Shenron and then the rendering they’ve done it’s pretty impressive. The spatial aspects of it look right and the appearance looks spot on so it’s enough to say that it looks exactly like the dragon. But again the only worry I would really have as an artist on this project would be that tide since it seems to come up a bit and at least touches the project. More than that however since this looks to be a coastal location I would worry about the weather as well unless this particular stretch of coastline didn’t receive a whole lot of rain per year.

I get the feeling that these artists took this all into account before getting started and were plenty careful about the amount of time spent in between the tides. You’d have to stop working at just the right time well ahead of the incoming tide to give the paint time to dry and to set, particularly in a damp environment where setting up can happen a great deal slower. Of course if there was an agent of some sort in the paint that could promote quicker drying it might help too, and aerosols tend to dry quicker anyway.

Nope, I’m not a tagger, but I’ve been around paint way too many years and know my stuff, at least part of the time. If you’re working on a coastal project even if you’re well away from the water you definitely want to watch your time line and the weather just in case mother nature decides to play a little dirty and drop a deluge on you without any warning. Hats off to these guys though, it looks great.

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