When Popular Simpsons Voices Do Their Voices But in Person


It’s always weird to hear a person’s voice for the first time after you’ve already seen them a bunch of times without hearing their voice. The best example would be athletes. Sometimes you can go years without hearing the voice of a guy on your favorite baseball team, etc etc. Well actually, think Mike Tyson.

Imagine how weird it was to hear him for the first time. Well, the same weirdness applies when you see the face of the voice of an animated character and then hear them talk. It’s such a surprise. You think to yourself “that’s the voice of Homer Simpson?” Well, it’s even weirder hearing them and seeing them actually do the voices of their characters.

Check out the Simpsons voices in person

Dan Castellaneta – Drunk Awards Speech

Man is it not weird looking at this guy sans animation? It almost taints my entire image of the show and character. I’d like to pretend I never saw that video.

Julie Kavner – Drugs and Guns

Well, she’s not doing Marge here but it’s the closest thing I could find. Again, freaky to see her face and not Marge’s.

Nancy Cartright

What the hell?  This is just weird.

Yeardley Smith

She’s way too serious. Just do Lisa will ya?

Harry Shearer Does his Simpson Voices

He does way too many of the voices. Amazing to seem them all by one face.

Hank Azaria Doing Apu

Azaria also does a tons of voices on the show.  And it’s even weirder that he’s a commercial success as an actor as well.

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