Great Uses of Songs in Movies: “Master of Puppets” in the Movie “Old School”

Most of the times I’ll mention the great use of a song in a movie it’ll be in some kind of serious moment or perhaps a moment of motivation.   However, that doesn’t mean that there are other times where music isn’t put to incredibly awesome use.   There are plenty of moments in movies where music conveys an heir of fun, excitement, nostalgia, fear, you name it.  So today I wanted to bring up the scene in the movie Old School where the guys are out on their kidnapping run with all the pledges.

They drive around an incredibly awesome black van and scoop up each of their pledges one by one.  What’s the song you hear in the background?  None other than Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.”  Granted it’s only the hard guitar sample of the song and not the whole thing but it’s absolutely perfect.  The second you see that van and you hear the guitar riff you know this scene is going to be amazing regardless of what happens.

I’m pretty sure the two best parts of this scene are when Will Ferrell tackles Spanish into the school fountain and when Ferrell threatens one of the pledge’s wife in the supermarket parking lot and then take a few chips for the road.  Great, great scene:

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