Great Uses of Songs in TV: Breaking Bad “DLZ” by TV on the Radio (“Over”)

There are moments when all you can do is sit there and be impressed as you watch one of your favorite shows. Listening to DLZ by TV On The Radio as it plays on Breaking Bad is one of those moments. By this time you already know that Walter has been going down a bad road. He’s become fully committed to what he’s doing and isn’t bound to stop since the money is too good and the work is, for him, just too easy. Problems have already started to abound but he’s managed to take care of them or hash them out in some way, and he’s become a bad man that knows his stuff. Anyone that could have predicted just how bad he would get must have been a genius to see past the flaws in the formula of this show because it was a surprise to many people to see Bryan Cranston take on and dominate such a role.

The scene in hardware store though is something that just seems like it was destined to happen. By now a lot of people know from research, rumor, or just from watching movies and TV that meth is one of the most versatile drugs around since it can be made from just about anything since its ingredients are found in so many different products. But Walter is the kind of guy that has the type of analytical mind that sees things and doesn’t let them slip so easily. So when he’s in the store and just passes by a shopping cart filled with recognizable items he can’t help but stop and comment on the stupidity of the shopper, who looks like he’s been dipping into the product a little too heavily. The look of uncertainty on the guy’s face turns to shock and then outright fear when Walter starts giving him the rundown of how he should be handling his business. even those that aren’t in the drug trade would know by now that you don’t shop for everything you need for an illicit operation at the same store.

Such a practice is a huge red flag to those that are paying attention, and could lead to immediate questioning that a lot of drug dealers and addicts wouldn’t be able to withstand for more than a couple of minutes. But it’s only when the guy bolts and Walter gets to the checkout line that it really hits him. Someone buying that much product to cook up meth isn’t doing such a thing to be small time. They’re trying to go into business, and in the etiquette of drug dealing, which is funny since they do have their own code, that just isn’t allowable.

The showdown in the parking lot is the best part really since it looks like the bald guy that almost steps to Walter might want to do something. But once Walter tells him to stay out of his territory that kind of sums up what’s about to happen. Drug dealers are kind of like animals, you don’t mess around in their territory if you can avoid it. And Walter wasn’t about to back down for anyone.

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