Grey’s Anatomy Cast Hopes for Season 14

Though there’s a lot to be covered before Grey’s Anatomy wraps Season 13, that’s not stopping cast members from looking forward to what is in store for their characters past this season. Though we have no substantiated claims that every single current cast member will continue into Season 14, we can let fans make their own assumptions based on comments by the cast. Last month the cast of the long-running ABC drama shared their feelings on their character’s trajectory thus far, and what they predict is the future holds.

Three main characters in particular have gone through a fair amount of emotional upheaval which warrants some change in their lives. In the wake of his confrontation with his father, Jackson and April had some moments of re-connection. ‘Japril’ fans immediately pounced on the importance of those scenes, asking if the exes had a chance of a full reconciliation. If it does happen, don’t hold your breath for it to be happening anytime soon. “There’s so much love there, there’s so much respect there, whether it stays platonic or not, we know things are going to be okay,” Sarah Drew says of April and Jackson’s bond. As for Jackson’s nonexistent bond with his father, all Debbie Allen would tease is that “we’ve planted a lot of seeds, and there’s more coming.”

Maggie will also have a new sense of self following the death of her mother, but she will still stay true to herself. As Kelly McCreary puts it, “Maggie loves so deeply and she’s a very open-hearted, optimistic person…She believes in peoplee, she wants them to be their best…Even in the midst of a lot of doubt, she tries her best. [However] major life events like this force you to shift your perspective.” Thus we might get to see Maggie’s wild side emerge, though not necessarily in an out of control manner.

Probably the biggest hopes came from those cast members whose stories haven’t been fully explored. When asked what they would like to see from their character’s past or future, Jason George said he would love to explore who Dr. Ben Warren was before he met Bailey, while Martin Henderson “is looking forward to Nathan being in a relationship, whether platonic or romantic…maybe next season.” Translation: don’t expect Nathan and Meredith to have a huge romantic push towards the end of Season 13. Yet that’s exactly where Arizona is headed. “I am now in a place where I’m creating new relationships, there’s a newness. It’s all very optimistic and fun, and we don’t get to go back to the beginning a lot,” Jessica Capshaw said enthusiastically of her new onscreen romance.

There is one mysterious storyline the show is keeping tightly under wraps, partly because the main subject, Camilla Luddington, is currently on maternity leave. Whether or not she’ll be back in time, Jo’s past may be about to catch up with her. Reports surfaced this week that Glee alum Matthew Morrison had taken on a top secret role on Grey’s Anatomy. However, given the following behind the scenes photos, how can we now believe that Jo’s abusive husband has finally tracked her down?

What would you like the Grey’s Anatomy cast to go through in Season 14?

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