Grey’s Anatomy Creator Shonda Rhimes Pens New PR Series For ABC

After dealing with the lives of doctors for Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and the upcoming Off The Map, creator Shonda Rhimes is throwing her scalpel out the window taking a spin into the harrowing world of public relations.

Vulture reports that Shonda Rhimes is penning a “PR crisis management” themed series for ABC, the network who made her a household name. The PR show, which is tentatively titled In Crisis will be inspired by the life of Judy Smith, a well known PR rep whose client list makes us know that she has to be pretty darn good at her job. For example, Michael Vick? That had to have been a nightmare Freddy Krueger wouldn’t want to touch.

The show is still in developing stages, but don’t expect a straight up procedural if it hits the air. Rhimes will incorporate the soapy ingredients which have made her dramas instant hits among fans, because let’s face it: what would a Rhimes produced drama be without it?

Rhimes will write the pilot as well as serve as executive producer on the drama, which will be based at her Shondaland Productions moniker to be a contender for ABC’s 2011-2012 TV season.

Other shows on the docket for Ms. Rhimes and ABC include the aforementioned Off The Map, which Rhimes executive produced and was written by Jenna Bans. The other show is the Danny Brocklehurst (UK’s Shameless) creation Life After Marriage, which title is pretty self explanatory. Rhimes also serves as executive producer for this show.

Source: Vulture

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