Grey’s Anatomy Review: Game Night (and Day) Shenanigans

Grey's Anatomy

Hot and bothered doesn’t even begin to cover what’s going on at Grey’s Anatomy. But oh, this does take us back to the first season, when elevators were awkward, and Meredith’s house was party central. Inspired by Maggie’s love life (and her own lack of one), Amelia decides to bring the fun back to Casa Grey by putting together a game night. Let’s just say the games start early, and the pairs who come out on the other side are surprising.

First, we need to address the elephant in the room, the impending exits of Dr.’s April Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw). There is a lot of speculation about these two stars being let go from the series, and the creators have vehemently stated that this is solely because of a creative stalemate the writers have reached with the characters. Let’s examine this more closely.

Arizona Robbins is currently in a relationship with Carina DeLuca, co-parenting with Callie (although someone tell me how that works from opposite ends of the country), and working on a maternity morbidity study. All of which she could do at any hospital in the country. Arizona has connections at Grey Sloan Memorial, but she’s not necessarily tied down to the hospital. Plus, Sofia’s already proven to be mobile.

We already know that April hasn’t been doing well. The most exciting thing she did this hour was accidentally cut off a girl’s ear, and I don’t want to even replay in my head how that happened. It is only after Maggie fixes the girl’s heart problem that Bailey and Webber can laugh about almost being sued. But April didn’t react to any of this the way April usually would, and people are finally noticing. April is spiraling, and her awful behavior at game night proved it.

I’ll give April this much though. She may have made game night acutely uncomfortable, but she didn’t ruin it. Credit for that goes to Maggie’s married boyfriend, a fact she finds out when his wife bursts through the door. April going home with Koracik is just the cherry on the very sour sundae that was this night. The only upside is that everything that happened pushed Jackson to finally make a move on Maggie. I’ll be honest. I refuse to put a flag down in the “for” or “against” camp on this pairing. There are too many variables, so let’s just see how it plays out.

Everything else is a mix of professional risks and personal “what the hell’s”. Bailey was very lucky the hospital didn’t get slapped with two lawsuits in one day, since Alex nearly authorized CBD oil for Kimmie without her grandmother’s consent. I can feel for Kimmie’s pain, but asking your doctor to procure marijuana for you is a slippery slope. Luckily, Alex is able to connect with the grandma and convince her to do what she can to ease Kimmie’s pain. After a long day of almost-lawsuits, it was a relief to see Sam and Andrew, plus Amelia and Owen, get together. We can’t really be surprised that Amelia and Owen ended up back in bed together.

Meredith has had her shenanigans, so is focused on her work drive, instead of the other kind of drive. She is too busy trying to get the patent she needs for her project. Unfortunately for her, the owner of the patent dies. Very, very fortunately for her, the doctor’s daughter happens to be Ellis Grey’s former friend, Marie Ceron; or as Meredith knows her, Auntie Marie. Auntie Marie isn’t impressed enough with Meredith’s research to sell the polymer, so Meredith shows her the (illegal) experiment she created. It proves Meredith’s study works, but it also proves Meredith did something illegal. That is a big problem since Marie Ceron and Ellis Grey did not actually part on good terms, a fact Meredith realizes too late.

Did Meredith just give dear Auntie Marie everything she needs to destroy her? Are Maggie and Jackson a good idea? How will Arizona and April be written off of Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 14 Review: "Games People Play"


Grey’s Anatomy plays fun and games, but not every game has fair players.

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